Wednesday, March 09, 2011

a doggy sense of timing

Current work: new Riva (and, um, playing with the other one to keep my muse happy)
Listening to: Gary Moore
Reading: Catherine Fox, The Benefits of Passion (is probably my favourite of hers and I really wish she would write more books in the series)

Doggy timing? Surely I meant ‘dodgy’? Erm – both, perhaps. We had the downstairs flooring done this week, so I had to change my schedule round a bit. This meant having my guitar lesson almost straight from school today, i.e. I was in a bit of a rush this morning. So the dog just had to pick today to roll in something disgusting – about 30 seconds before I had to take the kids to school, so I didn’t have time to deal with it before leaving the house.

Arrgh. The second I got home again, I gave the dog a very thorough scrub (probably good for the diet because I was retching the whole time) and a mini haircut. It is his own fault that his ears are now uneven – if he hadn’t rolled in something vile and got it all over one ear, I wouldn’t have had to use scissors. Then I rushed off to guitar with nails far too long to do justice to the Bach (ha, that’s my excuse), and came home to find a still-wet and rather sheepish-looking dog who smells marginally better now. The smell of wet dog isn’t pleasant, but it will vanish when he’s dry. And I am very glad that I don’t need to buy him a new collar, as I did the last time he did this!

So now I have a late weekly shop delivery, a ton of things in my head that need to be down on paper (or at least on computer screen), and hopefully I’ll be caught up with myself this afternoon…

As I said. Doggy sense of timing.


Lacey Devlin said...

Isn't he clever for finding something so incredibly foul to roll in? Lol!

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - LOL, no. He is just a bad dog. (Ah, if only I still had that screensaver... lost somewhere in the 90s!)