Friday, March 04, 2011


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My mate Julie Cohen has this fabulous post about trifle that really made me smile, for all the right reasons. (Actually, the title of her post made me smile as well – again, for all the right reasons.)

And it reminded me of a conversation in this house, the weekend just gone. DH, knowing there is a total ban on puddings here at the moment (while I am still in Food Police mode and muttering about cholesterol and saturated fat), bought himself, son and daughter some ready-made puddings as a treat for Saturday night.

DD, looking deeply disappointed: Daddy, why did you buy me tiramisu?
DH: Because you like it. (Looks uncertain.) Don’t you?
DD: No. I hate coffee puddings.
DH: You like your mother’s tiramisu.
DD: Her strawberry tiramisu. That’s different. It has proper vanilla in it, and no coffee. [Plus she helps me make it.]
DH: But it’s Italian. You like Italian puddings. (Looks perplexed.) What’s the one you like, then?
DD: Panna cotta.
DH: Isn’t that the same thing?
DD, rolling eyes: Mum, can you explain?

Bless :o)

That’s reminded me, I really need to update my website. I have two new books to add, and recipes. Both of which happen to be pudding – and one of which happens to be the infamous strawberry tiramisu. But that will have to wait until the weekend, as I’m already behind today. Was out yesterday – lunch in a foodie pub, and I was immensely good: no pudding. And was out this morning to pick up daughter’s Pokémon stuff and… well, I went to M&S to pick up a replacement for the Tempur pillow I bought (it’s just too hot and it doesn’t suit me - sigh, v expensive mistake, but at least it's confirmed that our replacement mattress is going to be the same as before, not a Tempur!). However, their stock is a bit low at the moment, owing to all the refurbishment, so they had to order one in for me. Which means picking it up on Monday (arrgh, more work time sucked out - especially as my floor man is doing some work here on Monday afternoon). But I did get some nice daffodils…

Righty. Back to the typeface for me. Much to do today before the school run.


Lacey Devlin said...

I've never had a strawberry tiramisu but it sounds delicious. Especially since I'm another avoider of coffee puddings :)

Katie said...

Tiramisu is my FAVOURITE food and I can't wait to try the strawberry version :-) sounds YUMMY

Julie Cohen said...

Your DH is doing quite well though, considering. My DH thinks that lime jelly with grapes in is the height of sophistication.

Katie said...

Hi Kate - I saw on your facebook page that you'd updated the website so whizzed over to get the Strawberry Tiramisu recipe but when I click on the link it says it can't open the page :-(
Thought I'd better give you a heads-up.

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - it's scrumptious :o)

Katie - I promise, it is!

Julie - LOL. (Mine used to think that Arctic Roll was sophisticated. I have lured him to the dark side re gelati. And he did use our ice cream maker once...)

Katie - thank you - fixed now!