Friday, May 28, 2010

Free books from Harlequin

From now until Monday 31 May, Harlequin is having a 'buy one, get one free' offer on their print books - which means you can go and enjoy yourself in their online shop without the guilt!

Surf over to and use the code BOGO43D (capital O, not zero, btw).

Have a nice weekend :) I'll be back on Tuesday (when I will have a houseful of teenage boys - hmm, maybe I should get hold of that T-shirt that says 'Warning, anything you say or do may appear in my next novel'...)


Morton S Gray said...

My hairdresser was horrible to me the other day and I decided on the ultimate revenge - he is now to be a bad guy in my writing. He won't know of course, as he will be suitable disguised - but I will! As you say we should carry a warning sign, "watch what you say in front of me".

Kate Hardy said...

Morton - nice to see you here.

Hugs on the meanie hairdresser but, as you say, ultimate revenge. ;)