Wednesday, May 26, 2010

music and a bit of relief

Current work: medical continuity
Listening to: Coldplay, X&Y (‘Fix You’ is probably going to be the song of the book)
Reading: Michelle Styles, Compromising Miss Milton (finished last night and enjoyed very much – especially the puzzle box)

Guitar lesson good yesterday; just a bit of tidying up to do on the Tarrega (which is tricky but very pretty – take a listen here at YouTube). Am doing the bourrée from the Lute Suite in E minor now (BWV 996) (have a listen here on YouTube). Could’ve sworn I had a CD of the Lute Suites. My classical section appears to have been jumbled by DH (sigh, does he not understand that if you have around 1,000 CDs, they MUST be in alpha order or you can never find anything? And the classical section is ordered by composer, not performer, with the exception of Jacqueline du Pre?) so I can’t find my copy to inspire me. No time this week to sort it all out because I’m up to my eyes in a screaming deadline.

The second lot of antibiotics appear to be working as Dad was out of bed and dressed yesterday, and breathing much better than he was on Sunday. He’s still very confused and not making much sense, but with dementia you can’t really expect anything else. I think he knew who I was – wouldn’t swear to it, but it was a nice visit, i.e. the best possible in this situation.

Righty – back to the salt mines! (And think of the fact that eight weeks today = Sorrento. BA strikes and volcano permitting, that is...)

Had a letter from Cresta over the weekend. Remarkably quick reply, this time, but still not good enough. Of you're going to fob it off on small print, the least you can do is quote it IN FULL or give me a proper reference so I can check it myself - yet another example of being customer UNfocused. So it's another chat with legal adviser and a formal complaint to ABTA, sigh.


Michela said...

I’ve always loved “Fix You”– good choice!

You’ll enjoy Sorrento – “Surriento” in Neapolitan dialect :) – and remember to taste the famous lemon liqueur “Limoncello”, traditionally known as an after dinner digestive drink.

It’s usually served in small ceramic glasses and its taste is unmistakable – because of its mix of lemon peel, alcohol, water, sugar and other citrus fruits.

The town was quite famously featured in the early-20th-century song "Torna a Surriento" (Come Back to Sorrento) with lyrics by Giambattista De Curtis.

Brief anecdote: Elvis Presley’s song “Surrender” has the same music and refrain of that very first song!

Lacey Devlin said...

Good luck with that screaming deadline!

Kate Hardy said...

Michela - I will definitely look out for Limoncello. (Hmm - sounds as if it would be a very nice addition to Lemon Drizzle Cake...)

And thank you for the anecdotes - how fascinating!

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - thanks. I am prepared with chocolate and a snoozing dog :o)