Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Current work: very, very last readthrough of Med
Listening to: Sheryl Crow
Reading: Lindsey Davis, Alexandria (enjoying)

Very relieved to say that I’ve finished the book. Just doing the last readthrough to pick up typos, and then it’s leaving the building. (Hence three screamers and all caps on the title today…)

It’s also half term, so the plan for this week is to spend time with the kids. Today son is having friends round for a big X-box session and a barbecue (might be an indoor one, by the look of the weather forecast), and meanwhile I’m going to be baking with daughter. One of son’s friends is allergic to wheat and dairy, so we’re doing some experimental stuff that everyone will be able to eat – provided Sainsbury’s delivers the gluten-free flour and soya marge this morning. (Otherwise we’ll have to nip to Waitrose, where I’m not usually allowed to shop without supervision because I’m very, very naughty…) Wednesday, dropping friend home after sleepover and nipping in to town to buy extra treats for DH; Thursday, DH’s birthday, so out to dinner; Friday, probably cinema; and the weekend, depends on the weather.

However, I get up earlier than anyone else in the house, so I should also be able to fit in some important admin stuff this week, including:
  • print off manuscript and send to lovely agent
  • finalise outline for new Modern Heat (aka Venice book)
  • update website
  • finalise talk for Blickling Hall on June 19
  • sort out RNA award entry
  • sort out accounts
  • update PLR and ALCS (deadline is end of month, if that helps remind anyone else)
  • tidy desk, which is in its usual post-book mess

Does anyone have anything nice planned for the week? I do know two people who have something nice due this week. Firstly lovely Liz Fielding, whose birthday it is today - have a wonderful birthday, Liz. And secondly another writer friend who is about to reach a milestone, so I'll be pointing you over to her blog tomorrow to say happy birthday...

Have a nice day! (even if it is wet and soggy, and our planned barbecue is going to end up being an indoor one...)


Jan Jones said...

Well done! Hope lovely agent approves (sure she will).

Enjoy your week.

Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats! Good luck with the baking

Francine said...


Can hear the sighs of relief from here - finished project!

Great feeling, isn't it, but a finished novel does sometimes leave a bit of whole in the heart until the next hero and heroine step centre stage.

Have a great half-term with kiddos!

Sorry for this ad/promo: am having a blond male fest at my blog to see if blond heroes have had their day, and appeal for more of them in HM&B books! (?) Just love blonds who look scumptious in a suit!!!


Kate Hardy said...

Jan - thank you. I hope she does, too. (But I think lovely ed is going to make me do big revisions...)

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - thanks, will be posting the results here (and maybe pics...)

Kate Hardy said...

Francine - yeah, they're pretty loud sighs of relief :o) And I can't wait to get started on my Venice book.

Blonds have more fun, hmm? (Have left you a comment!)

Michela said...

Have a nice day, Kate!
Almost completed the reading of "The Italian GP's Bride" - one word: wonderful!
But I'll write you a complete review as soon as I finish. :)

Kate Hardy said...

Michela - mille grazie. And I'm so pleased that you're enjoying the book!