Thursday, May 27, 2010

aren’t people lovely?

Current work: medical continuity
Listening to: Coldplay, X&Y (the kids are starting to complain, but tough – I am on deadlline)
Reading: Lindsey Davis, Alexandria (she’s definitely back on form with this one and I’m so pleased that the cynical tone of the last couple of books isn’t evident in this one so far. It’s joyous – and, with my best friend being a librarian, and the fact that I’ve been fascinated by the lost library of Alexandria since my teens, I’m even more pleased. Maybe I should’ve saved this one for Italy… Too late, now!)

So there I was, chained to my desk on a grey day and not getting very far with the book (mainly because I’m photocopying evidence for ABTA and writing legal letters – dear reader, I am so unimpressed with a certain company), when the postman arrived. One of my friends has had a clear-out and sent me a guidebook to Pompeii (which, strikes and volcano permitting, I will be visiting in July). Completely unexpected and very much appreciated – and, as I’ve just spent ten minutes flicking through it, my appetite has been thoroughly whetted and I really can’t wait to go.

Aren’t people lovely?

I will exclude my tour operator from that statement. Can’t say too much as I’m intending to take them to court and don’t want to prejudice matters, but how a company can bang on about its award-winning service and THEN refuse to deal with anything when customers have problems… It leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. It also reminds me of why I seriously considered a career in law in my mid-teens. (I could mention that, in both my professional qualifications, I got distinctions in the legal papers in my exams. I loved that aspect of both insurance and marketing. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed talking to my legal adviser this week, putting the world to rights. Legal adviser comes under category of lovely people, too.)

I had a nice parcel yesterday as well. My lovely, wonderful agent bought me some gianduja while she was in Italy. As I said, aren’t people lovely?

Righty. Back to the salt mines. I have a screaming deadline. (But, thanks to very kind people sending me unexpected pleasures, I also have something to brighten my day.)

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