Monday, May 10, 2010


Current work: medical continuity
Listening to: Bach (David Russell – guitar pieces)
Reading: Kelly Hunter, Untameable Rogue (enjoyed this very much – good way to start a Saturday morning!)

Am blogging over at the Pink Heart Society today, so do go over and see if you agree with my choice of Male on Monday…

Here – well, I have to admit, even though I’m deliberately trying to keep politics off my blog (on the grounds that how I vote is nothing to do with my writing and I want to be judged on my stories, not my politics), I’ve been glued to the election. DH woke up at stupid o’clock on Thursday night, waking me, so I went downstairs and watched the unfolding election results. Some of the swings and results were so unexpected that I think people were probably voting on local issues rather than on party lines. As for the politicians not understanding what people voted for: it looks to me that people want them all to work together and put the country before anything else.

I think, for the sake of my book, that I need to unplug my modem because I’m letting myself be way too distracted by the BBC live coverage! Though I’m also going to be distracted today as son is home with a streaming cold, so cosseting is required. (No point in sending him in with a sore throat, headache and painful ears – apart from the fact that he won’t be able to concentrate at all, he’ll also spread the germs. Better to have today in bed and see how he is tomorrow.)


Lacey Devlin said...

I just loved seeing the polling booths! A castle! Now who wouldn't want to go and vote in a castle?

Michela said...

Sorry for your son, Kate! Hope he'll be fine soon.

Have read your post on "Pink Heart Society" and have answered.

All the best,

Caroline said...

I agree Kate. The election this time round has held my interest much more than in previous times. (Latest: Gordon Brown is to resign - wow!)

Hope your son gets better soon. Caroline x