Thursday, May 06, 2010


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It’s election day today. DH and I are off to the polling station when he gets home this evening. I’ve just discovered that you’re allowed to take kids with you as long as they don’t mark your paper or see you vote, and I know that my two would like to see for themselves how it happens, so we’ll be taking them (and reminding them – no political discussions until we’re away from the polling station).

And no discussion here, either. Instead, I’m going to leave you with a really interesting link to a clip from the BBC – the booming bittern. This is a rare bird from my part of the world with a really, really unusual mating call. Scientists have actually filmed the bittern ‘booming’ for the very first time. At 30 seconds, it’s a short clip. Enjoy.


Nell Dixon said...

I've always taken my girls to the polling station with me. I think it's good that they understand the democratic process.

Kate Hardy said...

Nell - absolutely. I didn't realise you could do it, until I happened to read the report on the Beeb today. They were really interested.

Was surprised that there was only one person there apart from us. I do hope people have exercised their right to choose, today. (I've been banging on about democracy and the old rotten boroughs!)

Michela said...

It’s a good thing that kids joined the election day with you – really praiseworthy.

I’ve been also interested in politics since secondary school
and last year I had to vote with my sailor uniform (Yes, I’ve worked in the Navy).

So the responsibility was bigger and now that I'm 25 I've realized that a person’s mind shapes in early age and the importance of vote becomes even more conscientious thanks to information.