Friday, May 14, 2010

getting fit (eventually)

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DH has been on a cycling kick for a while, and he’s persuaded me to join him. Sort of. The last time I rode a bike was about a week before I discovered we were expecting son (who is 13 next week, so that gives you an idea). DH, being a tad overprotective, instantly banned me from cycling and I just never went back to it. Anyway, he’s checked the bike over again, sorted out the tyres and adjusted the gears. Oh, and replaced the saddle (the mice ate the old one, but in any case something more comfortable was required).

We have a really nice cycle track near us, so there is no excuse. Other than the fact that I’m unfit, and I also don’t see the point in getting soaked and miserable. (How exactly is going out for a cycle ride in the rain and hating every second of it going to encourage me to stop being – not a couch potato, more like being a hardworking author who is glued to her computer?). So this means taking it at a steady pace and gradually building up. Best bit is that littlest goes with us, so we have to stick to her pace and the distance she can handle (i.e. suits me just nicely). Last week’s ride was really enjoyable and I didn’t hurt afterwards, so hopefully this will help me get a bit fitter. Next time, I will remember to take my camera because it's really pretty by the river.

Oh, and for certain people who are convinced that I bought an in-your-face bright pink cycle helmet – see, it’s subtle

Is anyone out there a cycling nut? Where are your favourite places to cycle?


Rachel said...

Dear Kate,

my mother has just bought a bicycle (and got on it!) after a break of fifty years and is loving her rebellious ( and somewhat bumpy)treks around the New Forest.

She tells me (and I haven't checked it out yet) that there's a very special shop in Chelsea that sells 'unusual' biking stuff. She is particularly struck by a helmet that looks like a deerstalker and a ladies 'Sherlock Holmes' style cape that has gold and silver reflective thread running through it. Honest!

And they say you turn into your mother eventually don't they? Oh dear...



Carol Townend said...

I used to love cycling, but - here comes the excuse! - since getting my varifocals, I find balance is more tricky than it used to be. But it's great to cycle along the river...

Michela said...

I used to love cycling too when I was a teenager – not so many years ago… but now I’m becoming more fond of swimming day by day.
It’s a complete sport and excellent for body and mind.
I still remember my aching abdominals (!) when I started six months ago but now I feel so good.

A little pearl for you:
considering you’re going to Napoli soon the best place for cycling or for spending some good time is “Il Parco di Capodimonte” - an astonishing lush park in “The National Museum of Capodimonte” - grand Bourbon palazzo.
The museum is the prime repository of Neapolitan painting and decorative art with several important works from other Italian schools of painting, and some important Ancient Roman sculptures.

Shirley Wells said...

Ooh, cycling. No, no, no. The last time I tried it - many years ago - I was sore for weeks.
Our sedentary jobs mean we should do something though. All I manage is a stroll with the dogs. :o)

Jane Holland said...

I cycle sometimes. Not many places round us for nice cycling - too much traffic and limited cycle paths. And yes, the saddle is a bit of a penance for large ladies. :(

But I have just started back at the gym! Shock, horror. I love all that metal, though I hate the mirrors, and am suddenly developing arm muscles again, after only a few weeks now.

Novelists ought to have strong wrists though, with all this typing ...

Francine said...


Give me a horse any day of the week. It has four legs, does most of the work for you except necessity of rising to the trot, which tightens/strengthens leg and thigh muscles, and at the canter the buttocks become toned in keeping tight to saddle. Yeah, a horse has the edge!


Lacey Devlin said...

Cycling is like taking your life into your own hands here. I think I'd try base jumping first. I'm so jealous that you weren't sore afterward. Just thinking about exercise seems to make me sore at the moment ;)