Thursday, May 13, 2010

exciting stuff

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I’m not *quite* in a position to make an announcement, but I’m allowed to say a little bit. Next month, I’m doing a very special workshop for Mills & Boon in partnership with another organisation I’ve belonged to for years and years and years. As soon as the microsite is up, I’ll post a link. But if anyone would like to guess just where I’m doing this workshop (clue: it’s one of my favourite places in the world), do leave a comment!

That leads me nicely on to the second bit of excitement. I was buying some books yesterday (that’s what I get for talking about pets in books – people give me excellent recommendations) and thought I’d check to see if the cover was up for the first in my French duo. It wasn’t, but I discovered something else – I’m in an anthology with Robyn Donald and Melanie Milburne. I'm really thrilled, as I haven't had a By Request for ages and this is my very first Modern Heat By Request. And I LOVE the cover!

How does that link with the first bit of news? We-e-ell – the book in question is ‘Sold to the Highest Bidder’. Now, the house is my personal fantasy house (which occasionally comes on the market, costing £1 million or so more than we can afford), but the lake and the garden were based on one of my favourite places in Norfolk. Liz Fielding has used the same place for one of hers, too. And said place is where I am doing the workshop.

And, as things come in threes, yesterday the courier brought me a box of my latest paperback, ‘Neurosurgeon… and Mum!’. Here’s the blurb:

Her motherhood dream-come-true!
When Amy Rivers’ dreams of a family were shattered by her ex-fiancé, she dedicated herself to neurosurgery, where she’s kept her head – and her heart – ever since.

Now, with her career in shreds, Amy needs a lifeline. She escapes to the one place she’s always called home – to find the new village doctor, Tom Ashby, and his motherless little daughter Perdy sharing her retreat. Amy tries to keep her longings locked up tight but, enchanted by the sad little girl… and captivated by Tom’s heart-melting smile… she finds her shattered dreams come flooding back. Life has been tough for all of them, but together can they make each other whole?
Yup, it’s one of my weepies :o) And it also happens to be set in Norfolk (though not the place where I’m doing the workshop).

Other than that, our squirrel is back and I’ve booked the notice in the paper for son’s birthday next week. I still can’t quite believe that I’m about to be the mum of a teenager. Seems like only a few weeks ago when he was tiny. Where has all the time gone?


Anonymous said...

Wow. And I thought I was busy - what brilliant news on all fronts -you must be chuffed.
And the cover of the anthology is FAB!
Many congratulations.
As for time passing? I am having trouble convincing myself that it is May already!

Nicola Cornick said...

Oooh, it's you! I wondered who the other ones were! Me too! (Yes, I'm being enigmatic too!)

carolwarham said...

Many congratulations. However WE ALL KNOW that it must be with the National Trust. There is so much on the news about the partnership at the moment.
Thanks for the wonderful blog and pictures in Venice, it brought back such wonderful memories.

Kate Hardy said...

Nina - I'm really pleased with it all :o)

And you may be having trouble believing that it's May because the temperatures are more like those in March!

Kate Hardy said...

Nicola - I guessed you'd be one. I'm trying to work out who the other two are and where!

Kate Hardy said...

Carol - LOL, yes. I'm really thrilled to be part of it.

Glad you enjoyed the Venice pics and that it brought back lovely memories for you.