Monday, March 31, 2008

publication day…

Current work: Med duo 2/nonfiction
Listening to: Karine Polwart
Reading: Rachel Hore, The Memory Garden (finished it last night and enjoyed it very much – I have a very soft spot for stories where the past echoes down to the present)

Enjoyed Enchanted very much last week. Obviously it’s aimed at children (as a romantic novelist, there were several holes that I felt needed filling in) but the music was great, the acting was great, and I loved the premise: what happens if one of these nicey-nicey animated princesses falls into real life? (Kind of the reverse of Roger Rabbit, where real life ends up in Toon Town.) There were lots of places where I laughed my head off (the dress from curtains and the ‘happy working song’ being key here, not to mention Prince Edward acting exactly like a fairytale prince, complete with enormous shoulders – fabulous stuff), a couple of ‘ahhh’ moments, and Susan Sarandon must have had such fun playing the baddie.

This week is officially publication week; however, when I went into town on Friday I saw my new book on the shelves.
So it’s a nice start to the week. Plus (touching wood in case I jinx it) I seem to have my writing groove back, for which I am very, very, VERY grateful. Today I’m off to meet a puppy (i.e. lunch at my local best friend’s). And daughter wants to know: if you have more than one wobbly tooth and you end up losing two teeth at once, does the tooth fairy pay more than usual per tooth? (I have a trainee shark here, don’t I?)


Ray-Anne said...

Did you ever hear the story about the little boy who traded doing other boy's homework for their fallen out teeth? Generous parents. He saw an opportunity.
And somehow they were remarkably slow on the counting front!
I am in awe that you have SO many books in print. Hope the sun shines where you are.

Nicolette said...

Dear Chloe - Yes, you do get paid per tooth! (As my own daughter told me when she had two fall out within hours of each other.)

Jan Jones said...

Word in from Tooth Fairy Control: All operatives please take note. No, repeat, no bonuses for multiple pick-ups.

Lovely cover, hon. I might just have to use one of my £1-off vouchers when I'm next in WHS

Kate Hardy said...

Ray-anne - that's a fabulous story. (Lightbulb...) And thanks for the compliment. Sun has been fantastic today: really feels like spring. Hope it's been nice down south too.

Nicolette - love your daughter's comment. Mine went further: muliple pick-ups = multiple money per tooth. (And considering she fleeced me for four Jaqueline Wilson books on Friday... Bah.)

Jan - LOL. Will tell her. And thanks for the compliment :o)