Tuesday, March 11, 2008

interesting stuff

Current work: revisions
Listening to: Kathryn Williams and Neill MacColl, Two (still enjoying it hugely)
Reading: Judith Lennox, A Step in the Dark (one of her beautifully drawn multi-generational novels)

Real life is, um, rather difficult at the moment and I’m not whining about it here – instead I’m going to give you something interesting to read during your next coffee break. I had a really interesting email from a friend today (waves to Michelle - thank you) with the kind of nerdy facts that fascinate me – things such as the milk of young coconuts being used as blood plasma, and a duck’s quack doesn’t echo.

All lightbulb stuff for me, but how true are they? Find out (along with all the other interesting facts) here.

Remember I’m still looking for things to make me smile. Tell me a joke here (or something nerdy and interesting – yes, I do watch QI and enjoy it thoroughly, not least for the fabulous Stephen Fry; DH usually fishes me out of my office when he discovers it's on) and I’ll add you in the draw to win a signed copy of Sold to the Highest Bidder.

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Melissa Marsh said...

Ok, I have a really corny joke that I just love.

Why was six afraid of seven?

Because seven eight nine!


Ok, hope I made you smile just a little bit! (and probably groan and roll your eyes, too!)

Jane said...

Hi Kate,
I have some random facts for you. Did you know that a pig's orgasm last for 30 minutes? You can learn all sorts of intersting things on the web.

Jan Jones said...

I do have a nice one-liner that might make you smile:

"If you can keep your head whilst all around you are losing theirs - it’s just possible you haven’t grasped the situation properly."

Makes me laugh anyway.

Ann M. said...

We went a platypus tour this weekend and learned some interesting Platypus facts.

I think the most interesting is that they can claim territory by time. Meaning there could be several in an area but the dominant platypus would get to chose when it went out to eat and the others would stay away.

The platypus became one of the first animals protected in Australia.

Anne McAllister said...

Well, no jokes, but I can tell you something that might make you happy. I found The Pregnancy Ultimatum on sale at my local Borders today, and it seems -- from the missing copies in the rack -- to be doing quite well! Good news, that!

Kate Hardy said...

Melissa - that's great! My kids will love that one, too.

Jane - nice to meet you - and wow, what a fact!

Jan - yup, too true. :o)

Ann M - that's really interesting. Thanks. (Alpha male. Mine are going to be Alpha Platypi...)

Anne MacA - that's great. Thanks. Lo)