Wednesday, March 05, 2008

settling down again

Current work: revisions
Listening to: Sheryl Crow, Detours
Reading: various nonfiction

Sometimes it’s really hard to settle to work. I’m having a few days like this at the moment – fretting partly because son was away and partly because my dad’s not too good at the moment. (Not blogging about that out of respect to him: suffice to say that it’s pretty upsetting.) And partly because I didn’t give myself enough time to get over the lurgy and it’s dragging on a tad. I did have some days off. It should have GONE by now, but my hacking cough is back. (And yes, I’ve been nagged about it.)

I’m a bit cross with myself for being less professional than usual. There’s no reason why I can’t just sit down and do what I’m supposed to.

I did, however, while checking something else, discover that Sold to the Highest Bidder was listed in Amazon’s top ten ‘Hot New Releases’ in their romance section. Obviously not right at this second, because it changes from hour to hour. But it was rather heartwarming. Even more so when I discovered it was at #2 last week. (Crows, would you please flap off? Maybe I’d better go and polish my rosebowl, and use the special cloth to shoo them away.)

Met son from school and he’d had a WONDERFUL time. He needs a bath. The entire contents of his suitcase are wet and muddy. But he has this huge grin on his face and he’s overcome his fear of heights. He had great delight in describing all these difficult things he’d done, and his pride in his achievements brought a lump to my throat. He’d also bought his sister a pressie from the tuck shop: a little fluffy seal. She was delighted. And even more delighted to see him. (Not as pleased as I am. He had a good time and he’s in one piece – and when one of his friends was finding one of the tasks difficult, he helped his friend. I am very, very proud of him.)

Now I can go back to work, happy again. Well, work-ish. I have a radio interview this evening. And I’m in dire need of sleep. Just can’t face coffee.

I’m still over at Jessica Hart's blog and it’s a really interesting discussion - voice, the difference between the lines, defining fantasy and emotional reads. Do hop over and join in!


Melissa Marsh said...

Aww, how nice of your little boy to get his sister a present! What a sweetie.

Jan Jones said...

Hon, you don't HAVE to work 24 hours all the time. It really isn't a sin to slob like the rest of us just now and again.

Glad son's back. Revel in it.

India said...

I'm so glad he's back and that he had a great time. It's so hard to let them go, but when you see what a couple of days (and nights) away from home can do for them you know it was worth the anguish.


Hugs on the writing. I like to think it goes in cycles, and some times you're productive and sometimes you're not so much. Blooming inconvenient, though...

Diane said...

Hey, how long have you had this lurgy? We're all getting it for a month.

Ray-Anne said...

One of the advantages of being a recluse - no contact with general pestilence and plague.
No wonder the 'girls in the basement' are still lounging around in track suits and bunny slippers, eating choc and watching old movies instead of parading their sharp suits and heels, all business like and full of sass.
Wave the print out of your review at them..
I do hope you feel better soon.