Monday, March 10, 2008

battening down the hatches

Current work: revisions (real life got in the way this weekend)
Listening to: Kathryn Williams and Neill MacColl, Two (still enjoying it hugely)
Reading: Judith Lennox, A Step in the Dark (one of her beautifully drawn multi-generational novels)

Meant to be gales today. It’s quite windy outside. Hope the electricity doesn’t go off – I know I could cuddle up with the dog and a torch and read, but I really need to get my head into work mode today. We have candles on standby. Did two sets of proofs over the weekend (am pleased with both) but actual creative stuff didn’t happen (Dad’s not well, and that’s all I will say on the subject - and that Parkinson's is a very cruel disease and sadly it's rather more than just a tremor in the hands). Still have my hacking cough, so it's just as well I didn’t buy tickets to see Karine Polwart tomorrow night. I’ll see how my throat is tomorrow evening before I decide whether to go; I don’t want to spoil it for other people by coughing all the way through it.

Am talking at eharl later today, so I’ll post the link here when it’s live – come and talk to me about the appeal of Mediterranean men! (And if anyone has heard a good joke recently, I could do with a smile right now. Feel free to post. Best one by the end of the week gets a copy of Sold to the Highest Bidder.)

Edit: the link to eharlequin is now live. Come and say hello!


Nell said...


An old Italian man lived alone in the country. He wanted to dig his tomato garden, but it was very hard work as the ground was hard. His only son, Vincent, who used to help him, was in prison. The old man wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament

Dear Vincent,
I am feeling pretty bad because it looks like I won't be able to plant my tomato garden this year. I'm just getting too old to be digging up a garden plot. I know if you were here my troubles would be over. I know you would be happy to dig the plot for me.
Love, Dad

A few days later he received a letter from his son.

Dear Dad,
Don't dig up that garden. That's where I buried the bodies.
Love, Vinnie

At 4 a.m. the next morning, FBI agents and local police arrived and dug up the entire area without finding any bodies. They apologized to the old man and left. That same day the old man received another letter from his son.

Dear Dad,
Go ahead and plant the tomatoes now. That's the best I could do under the circumstances.
Love you, Vinnie

Ray-Anne said...

For their anniversary, a couple went out for a romantic dinner. Their teenage daughters said they would fix a dessert and leave it waiting.

When they got home, they saw that the dining room table was beautifully set with china, crystal and candles, and there was a note that read: "Your dessert is in the refrigerator. We are staying with friends, so go ahead and do something we wouldn't do!"

"I suppose," the husband responded dryly, "we could clean the house."

Amy Andrews said...

Sorry Kate - suck at jokes. But my cyber hugs are the best ((( )))

Kate Hardy said...

Nell - that's classic. Thanks for the smile.

Ray-Anne - I can just imagine that in real life too :o)

Amy - thanks for the hugs. Appreciated.