Thursday, March 13, 2008

lovely review

Current work: revisions (nearly, nearly, NEARLY done – I ripped out more than I thought!)
Listening to: Sheryl Crow
Reading: Judith Lennox, A Step in the Dark (finished last night - enjoyed it very much)

Lovely review from Cataromance for Sold to the Highest Bidder (Thanks, Julie Bonello, for making my day) :

Jack Goddard is definitely interested in buying Allingford Hall – and he’s even more interested in Alicia! Smart, funny, and sexy, Jack hasn’t been this attracted to a woman since his ex-wife broke his heart. However, the two immediately get off on the wrong foot for Alicia is appalled when she hears Jack’s plans for her beloved house: he wants to use the grounds of the Hall for rock concerts and thus destroy the beautiful land which surrounds the estate!

But Alicia’s shock soon gives way to a sizzling attraction when she realizes that she finds Jack absolutely irresistible. Jack may be seven years younger than her, but his charisma and drop dead gorgeous looks make her go weak at the knees. Alicia knows that she should resist his advances, and not act on the powerful flame of attraction which throbs between the two of them, but when a passionate kiss leads to a steamy night of passion, Alicia realizes that she’s in danger of falling head over heels in love with a man who has made it quite clear that he doesn’t do commitment!

When Jack seduced Alicia, he thought that theirs would simply be a no-strings affair – he certainly never thought that he would develop feelings for her! Has the perennial playboy decided to settle down? And will Alicia consent to becoming his partner both in and out of the bedroom? Or will she allow her doubts and fears to get in the way of her future happiness?

Kate Hardy is an amazingly prolific writer who always delivers fast-paced, entertaining and feel-good romances! In her latest Modern Heat, Sold to the Highest Bidder! Kate Hardy has written a poignant and emotional page-turner that will tug at her readers’ heartstrings and leave them breathless as they fall in love with the deliciously sexy Jack and the earnest and lovely Alicia.

Warm-hearted, sensuous and wonderfully romantic, Sold to the Highest Bidder! is a splendid romantic tale by the hugely talented and always fabulous Kate Hardy!

Thanks again, Julie: it's always good to know when people enjoy my books.

Plan for today: library, interview with the Eastern Daily Press, library, home to finish revisions, school run, revisions. I am determined to finish the book today. Funny how what at first seems like a small tweak changes all the dynamics. I've ripped a good 10k out of this one so far.

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