Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Current work: Med duo 2/nonfiction/articles
Listening to: Bryan Adams
Reading: Milly Johnson, The Birds and the Bees (and am enjoying it very much)

Happy Easter! Early this year (the last time it was this date was 1913; the earliest Easter day can possibly be is 22 March - the last time being 1818, so there’s something interesting for you). Am really, really hoping that the threatened snow stays away because my cousin’s getting married on Monday.

Some more excellent news: my cousin-to-be passed her exams and is now a qualified doctor. Go, Lucy!

Dad and my stepmum came over for lunch yesterday – and he was having a good day. Moments like this are going to become rarer, so this was one to treasure. Madam played a bit of guitar, then bullied me into accompanying her on piano so she could sing ‘Lord of the Dance’ (her choir song). Sadly her guitar teacher has given up, but she says she’ll wait until starting her next school in September and putting her name down for lessons then.

There is still a pile of chocolate eggs in my study. However, they do not belong to me. The Easter Bunny took me at my word when I said ‘no chocolate for me, this year’ – and even though I know this was the sensible thing to do (will have to brave scales next week – after the wedding rather than before) there’s a little bit of me with a wobbly bottom lip. (However, I brought the children up to share so am sure I will get a smidgen!)

It’s officially school holidays for the next fortnight. I have a hideous schedule – but I’m hoping I can remember how I managed to be Superwoman two years back and will pull this one off…


juliemt said...

I hope you and your family have a lovely Easter, Kate!

I read The Birds and the Bees and adored it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter. Here's even one more interesting fact for you and your readers. The Easter Bunny was a Germanic pagan (Anglo-Saxon to be more precise) symbol for the Goddess of this time of year, Eostre, and it was also the name of a month, Eostur-monath.

Jill s. said...

Just popping in to say hi and that I'll do a sun dance for the both of us to keep the snow AWAY.

Jan Jones said...

Huge amount of snow today - but all supposed to clear up for tomorrow. Fingers crossed for the wedding.

I have no eggs either. We can be virtuous together.

Shirley said...

Happy Easter, Kate.

No eggs? Now that is virtuous.

Melissa Marsh said...

My kids are on spring break this week. I wish I could have taken the entire week off, but sadly, it's not meant to be!

I had chocolate eggs. Cadbury Mini Ones. And then I was Very Bad and bought another bag at the store today because it was half off. !!!

Kate Hardy said...

Julie - thank you. Hope you and yours did, too.

Lou - thanks for the interesting fact! Hope you had a good easter.

Jill - my snow dance failed. Hope yours was more successful.

Jan - the forecasters fibbed! The wedding was fab anyway. Hmm, I'm not sure the word 'virtuous' can be applied to me - I am a Bad Influence. :o)

Shirley - thank you, hope yours was good too. Not virtuous - was a sensible moment and DH took advantage of it.

Melissa - ah, yes. Half price choccy. Dare not mention that to the littlies or I will be bullied into going shopping...