Wednesday, March 12, 2008

making my own sunshine

Current work: revisions (yeah, still - I'm finding it hard to work at the moment)
Listening to: Sheryl Crow
Reading: Judith Lennox, A Step in the Dark (one of her beautifully drawn multi-generational novels)

Thanks to everyone who’s emailed me interesting stuff or jokes to keep me sane. Really appreciated. Please keep them coming – it’ll put you in the draw to win a signed copy of Sold to the Highest Bidder. (There’s also one up for grabs at Love is the Best Medicine, along with a copy of The Doctor's Royal Love-Child … and I’m talking about food (aka something you see a lot in my books) over at eharlequin).

Life is still fraught (and I am so glad I have such a wonderful, supportive husband), so I’m making my own sunshine right now. It’d be wonderful if it could also calm down the gales we have around here… the wind in the trees is so noisy I can even hear it without the hearing aid).

And how am I making said sunshine? Anyone who guessed ‘music’ would be spot on. Sadly YouTube didn’t have ‘Rise Up’ (my fave track on the new Sheryl Crow album) but this is a close second – a George Harrison song I like very much, and it’s a rather nice version by Sheryl Crow. Enjoy.

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