Tuesday, March 18, 2008

still busybusy

Current work: Med duo 2/nonfiction/articles
Listening to: Karine Polwart, Scribbled In Chalk (just lovely)
Reading: the Paston letters (research, but feels more like pleasure!)

Spent yesterday researching more than anything else. Found what I was looking for on Gresham, but I could do with more on Burgh. Guitar this morning; Madam’s swimming lesson (last of the term) after school; and in between, am writing! (Anyone got a time machine?)


Jan Jones said...

I hear you can get a Time-Turner from the Hogwarts mail-order catalogue.

Trouble is, the site only appears every third Thursday if it's raining in a randomly picked postcode area.

Back to the no-sleep option, I guess.

Nicolette said...

Dr Who has got a time machine, Kate, but I think he might be busy filming...

squiresj said...

I wish I had a time machine. As I turn 58 today, I would go back to 29 when I married and get to enjoy my girls again and maybe change some things. Maybe then they would respect what I tried to teach them

Kate Hardy said...

Jan, LOL. Yep, it's the caffeine-and-kipless version.

Nicolette - ah, yes. A Tardis. I could get son to make a model... but then I'd need fairydust or - no, I'm slipping. I can't remember what the stuff in the heart of the Tardis is called.

J Squires - happy birthday (belated now, sorry) and wishing you much happiness and a better time with your girls. Sending you a hug.