Tuesday, April 01, 2008

puppy love (and something VERY flattering)

Current work: Med duo 2/nonfiction
Listening to: Karine Polwart
Reading: next on my TBR pile (though I did get an Amazon delivery yesterday - an academic book I’m dying to read, but I’d better not touch it until after I’ve finished writing Med duo 2…)

I had the pleasure of lunch with my best local friend yesterday and meeting her new puppy. This is Harry, a 10-week-old Border Terrier. Isn’t he gorgeous?

Son rather fell for him.

And DH groaned when he saw this pic because he knew what was coming next. Sadly, the answer was no. (Mean, mean DH.)

Then he had a story of his own to tell. Apparently a PR agency came to look round his workplace yesterday, and a recent local newspaper article about me happened to be pinned on the notice board. (The same article that’s earned him a new nickname, ‘Mr Blue Eyes’. Now, he makes out that he’s embarrassed but I think he secretly likes being known as the inspiration for a very prolific romance novelist’s heroes.) Anyway, the PR girl noticed the article, and apparently she’d heard of me and read quite a few of my books. She said some incredibly nice, flattering things about me (which I’m not repeating here because it’s trumpet-blowing - but I’m definitely feeling warm and fuzzy about it), and one of his colleagues introduced DH as Mr Kate Hardy.

If perchance DH’s visitor is reading this today… please email me. [kate (at) katehardy (dot) com – replace the bits between brackets with the symbols and close up the spaces – apologies for doing it this way but otherwise I get snowed under with spam!] The email you mentioned to my husband that you sent earlier obviously didn’t make it to my inbox, because I *always* answer emails. And unfortunately Mr Kate Hardy wasn’t on the ball enough to ask you for your card or email address so I could email you!

(Oh, and the gorgeous blue eyes? See pic below from the wedding last week. QED. (Actually, in the small version they don't show up so well. Trust me. Same colour as a spring sky. Gorgeous. Madam's eyes are the same colour.)


Shirley said...

I am so jealous. I want a Harry. My next dog, I've decided, is going to be a Border Terrier (big dogs are wearing me out too quickly :o)).

Oh, and let's have some trumpet-blowing...

Melissa Marsh said...

Oh, what a gorgeous little pup! My brother and his family got a new puppy when I was home visiting - a basset hound/beagle mix. SO adorable.

Yes, I agree with Shirley. Trumpet-blowing 'cuz you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Your DH reminds me Bruce Willis.

lidia said...

Gorgeous pictures of the puppy and family of course!

You sure that you can't sweet talk your DH into getting a puppy? They make fabulous companions.

By the way, you can blow your trumpet here anytime.

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley - yes, he's cute :o) Quite nippy at the moment, though, bless him. And I don't remember Byron's teeth being that sharp!

Melissa - what a lovely mix. You have to post pics :o)

Lou - LOL, that's what everyone says.

Lidia - thank you. No, he's adamant: and I suppose he does have a point as Byron's been our only dog for 3 years now and is used to it, so a puppy might throw him. I miss having two, though.

Trumpet-blowing - hmm - the gist was she'd read a few of my books and enjoyed them. (That's the English pared-down version *g*)