Tuesday, March 25, 2008

White wedding

It most certainly was! We went to the rehearsal on Sunday and it snowed a bit (as you can see here from the pic of the church at Acle – not only is it a round-tower church, which is pretty much unique to Norfolk and Suffolk, but it has an octagonal top, which is even rarer).

Sunday evening was spent doing girly stuff, i.e. plaiting of hair with mousse so the flower girl’s hair would look fabulous on the day, and painting of nails etc. Monday, woke up to even more snow (strange coincidence that both my cousins – my page boy and bridesmaid – were born on a snowy day AND married on a snowy day).

The service was lovely – candles and roses and delicate ribbons really brought out the warmth of the church. The bridegroom had a smile a mile wide, and the bride looked stunning. The snow eased up a little during the ceremony – but returned with a vengeance when the service was over, so we barely needed the confetti! (This pic was actually taken at the reception - where the guests were happily toasting themselves in front of real fires while the bride and bridegroom were having, um, atmospheric shots in the snow...)

Then it was the reception – fabulous food (I had pepper terrine followed by salmon and then strawberries), the most gorgeous cake (covered in white chocolate quills – looked stunning), great speeches, and a chance to catch up with family I only really see at weddings and christenings.

At the evening reception, there was a chocolate fountain, and needless to say my two were desperate to try it.

They also strutted their funky stuff – son went into complete John Travolta mode (er… where and when did he learn to dance?) and twirled Madam round the room. And then all the kids discovered a stage at the end of the dance floor, and strutted their stuff there – it certainly made the adults get up on the dance floor because they wanted to see the show!

Fabulous, fabulous day, full of smiles (and a few happy tears at the wedding). Congratulations to Lee and Lucy, and every happiness for the future. I think the flower girl says it all here: cheers!


Jan Jones said...

Glad it went well - it'll certainly be a day the bride and groom won't forget!

Michelle Styles said...


It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all.

Nicolette said...

Looks wonderful. Glad your two littlies had a great time by the sounds of it.

Nicolette x

PS. Received books today. Thanks!

Amy Andrews said...

Nothing quite like a wedding is there? And a white one at that - in every sense of the word.
Beautiful. Just beautiful

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - it went like clockwork (brilliant organisation by the bride's mum). I think we'll all remember this one :o)

Michelle - it was just *wonderful*.

Nicolette - it was fab. And the kids had a whale of a time. Glad the books arrived OK! (They took their time...)

Amy - absolutely. And the speeches were really heartfelt and moving. (And funny.)

Shirley said...

So glad it all went well. It sounds as if a wonderful time was had by all. And lovely pics.

Melissa Marsh said...

Your children are just gorgeous! And I long to attend a wedding in England - there's just something much more romantic about getting married in a church hundreds of years old. :-)

Anne McAllister said...

What a wonderful memorable wedding, Kate! Thanks for sharing the photos and the day. Congrats to the happy couple. Will we see that snowy wedding in a Kate Hardy book sometime? I hope so!

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley - we did indeed.

Melissa - thanks, I think so too :o) And I agree, there's something so romantic about a little village church.

Anne - thanks, and it's in the one I'm writing now (is costing me a dedication!)