Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Radios and dogs

Current work: Med duo
Listening to: Genesis, Calling All Stations
Reading: Liz Fielding, Eloping with Emmy (another thoroughly enjoyable read)

Interview went well (even though we had the Jehovah’s Witnesses coming round and the dog barked his head off right at the start of the interview… we made a joke out of it and said it’s not how a romantic novelist’s life is supposed to be).

Got a bit more done on the book. Today, need to return BBC Radio Norfolk’s call re an interview next week, sort out proof queries on the second edition of How To Research Local History (also need to sort the index and go through the proofs myself), and do a bit more on the book; then midday have a meeting with the consultant – hopefully will get some answers and solutions.


Jan Jones said...

Eloping with Emmy is one of my faves too!

Shirley said...

JWs have a lot to answer for. :o)

Good luck with the consultant.