Thursday, January 24, 2008

Burne-Jones and frabjous

Current work: Med duo
Listening to: Take That, Beautiful World
Reading: too tired, last night

Good meeting yesterday with the consultant. Just a matter of waiting, now, for things to be put in place.

Discovered that there is an exhibition I really, REALLY want to see in Norwich Castle at the moment – Pre-Raphaelite drawings. The kids want to go during half term – and of course I will take them – but as I have an interview on BBC Radio Norfolk next week, I am going to sneak into the museum afterwards and snatch a few minutes delighting in the Burne-Jones sketches on my own. Utter bliss. Burne-Jones is my favourite artist, and one of these years I will get to the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Liverpool to see The Beguiling of Merlin - my favourite painting of all time. I’ve seen the sketches for it at the Tate in London and they were just glorious. (DH’s first Christmas pressie to me was a very expensive book about the PRB containing said picture. Best reproduction I’ve seen anywhere, and I still treasure it.)

I may have to see this exhibition several times.

Today: frabjous, calloo, callay – I have a day to work. No guilt, either. (Not blogging about this but let’s say I’ve finally learned a lesson, the hard way.) I might even spend ten minutes playing Bach on the guitar today. (I miss my music lessons terribly.)


Nell said...

Ooh, pre-raphelite pictures, lovely. Some more good vibes and thoughts sent your way.

Ray-Anne said...

Completely with you on the exhibition- lovely. Have a great day.

Paul Garrard said...

Thanks for the tip on the exhibition. Saw the Millais exhibition at Tate Britain just before Christmas(, great stuff, in fact twas brillig !