Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Guess who’s on the Waldies again?

Current work: Med duo
Listening to: Genesis, Calling All Stations
Reading: Liz Fielding, Dating Her Boss (another thoroughly enjoyable read)

The Pregnancy Ultimatum is on the Waldies’ top 10 bestseller list this week :o) Thank you to everyone in the US who bought my book and put it there.

And I’m doing an interview on Future FM at about 10.30 (UK time) this morning.

Nice post yesterday: Italian edition of Seeing Stars (lovely title, too – La luce delle stelle), Greek edition of Seeing Stars, Greek edition of Where the Heart Is, Hungarian edition of The Baby Doctor’s Desire, and French edition of The Doctor’s Very Special Christmas. Clearly I’m up for world domination of Europe at the moment…


Nell said...

Stopping by to leave you some more hugs and positive vibes.

Ray-Anne said...

How fantastic is that!
I love searching out familiar HMB names in foreign climes- such a buzz.
You must be thrilled about the US.

Shirley said...

Wow. That's brilliant!

Sending lots of hugs.

Melissa Marsh said...

What wonderful news, Kate! Congrats!!!

Amy Andrews said...

Congrats on the Waldies Kate. I think you need a bot of karmic love at the moment.

Think you're close to TOTW with those translations.

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, all - appreciated :o)