Wednesday, January 30, 2008

half-full again

Today has been just lovely. (This is going to sound pathetic… but it felt like having my life back. And it was so, so lovely. I will never take it for granted again.)

Started with a teensy bit of research in the archives (didn’t get what I wanted, so I need to narrow things down in my notes and try a different source). Then it was the BBC Radio Norfolk interview. Had an absolute ball; the presenters – Graham Barnard and Karen Buchanan - were great fun and so nice to work with, and my fellow guest (Sarah Bower – author of historical romance Needle in the Blood) was absolutely lovely. I think we did M&B proud between us. And Graham is encouraging me to do my radio book, so I’ll be sweet-talking my editor. (Might be a radio doctor; might be a presenter. I have all sorts of ideas buzzing.)

DH was listening during his break at work and came home sighing. ‘I knew you’d start running on about Antonio Banderas.’ Who, me? Lucky he didn’t hear the rest of it… (Dad, on the other hand, said it’s the best interview he’s heard me do. Bless.)

Real blast from the past, too: one of my old classmates sent an email while I was on air saying that in the five years when we were in the same class at Wymondham College, my nose was ALWAYS in a book. No changes there, then. (Dave, if you happen to come across the blog, hello! Of course I remember you. And thanks for emailing.)

After that, had coffee with Sarah (her book is on my TBR pile and is going to be moved up) in one of the few places in Norwich that does proper latte art (which is why I, ahem, frequented it a bit while researching Breakfast at Giovanni’s).

And then it was my treat for the month: I went to see the PRB exhibition at Norwich Castle. There was a beautiful pencil drawing of Jane Morris by Rossetti, as well as his watercolour of Pandora; and some lovely Burne-Jones sketches, too. (Not, however, Merlin – which is still my favourite painting of all time.) Had a quick look at the other half of the exhibition – local drawings – and there were some lovely ones by Cotman and Sandys (both of whom I like – Cotman in particular as he’s one of my subjects in Norwich Heroes, Villains and Victims). Not so keen on the modern art; am possibly narrow-minded and set in my ways, but abstract doesn’t speak to me the way realism does. (Or medieval art. I have a big thing about wall paintings and I have a lovely, lovely publisher I know is very keen on art (as well as being hugely knowledgeable and a really nice bloke to boot), so… a lightbulb is flickering. Hello. I think my muse might be coming back.)

Did a bit of shopping and now possess some hair mousse. (Am hoping it is going to tame Dougal for Monday – when I will also be wearing the black pearls as they feel lucky.) Also bought another pillow (yeah, yeah. Princess Kate – and the v. expensive down pillow has been a huge disappointment). Went to the post office on way to school; parked early so tinkered a bit with my new outline.

And the big news for today: Dad is out of hospital, so things should hopefully start to settle. I’ll be doing phone support for a while; but I get most of my work time back.


Almost back to normal. Good.


Melissa Marsh said...

Oh Kate, you definitely deserved a good day! And I'm so glad your dad is out of the hospital. :-)

Nell said...

So happy you had a good day - hope everything carries on getting better. Fingers crossed for you for Monday!

Julie Cohen said...

You sound much more like yourself! Good for you and your good day.

And your hair will look great.

Me, I tried to get some gorgeous silver shoes to wear to the lunch and they didn't have them in my size. So I have ordered them and if they come in on time, I'll wear them...if not, it's straight back to the shop. I think. If I am strong enough.

Can't wait to see you!

India said...

Hurrah-- glad things are turning the right way up again!

Sometimes one good day is all we need, but hope the magic lasts.

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Melissa and Nell.

Thanks, Julie. (And my hair will still look 'a bit awful', to quote my DD.) Look forward to seeing you - and the shoes!

India - thanks. One day is enough to keep me going!