Tuesday, January 29, 2008

getting organised

Current work: indexing second edition of HTRLH
Listening to: Bach – double violin concerto in D minor
Reading: too tired, last night

It's about time I resurrected Scary Kate. So. Plan for today:
  • index How To Research Local History (did the proofs yesterday)
  • print book for lovely agent and parcel it up
  • sort everything else that needs to be posted
  • (if I manage all that) go to post office
  • have my hair cut ready for next Monday
  • do a temporary desk tidy (this involves putting everything in a big box to be sorted later... um, actually, said box is overflowing so that might be tough)
  • retrieve notes on M&B centenary so can prepare for tomorrow’s interview
  • look at my outline for Med Duo Book 2 so I can remember what I’m doing (going to be a Valentine’s weepie)

This weekend is meant to be artic. As in the s-word. Just what I need when the train journey to London is going to be a nightmare (engineering works, so part of the journey involves a bus trip, and I get VERY travel sick on buses – if it’s cold outside the heating will be on and that will make it worse. At least the late train home on Monday night will be bearable because it’s all train. I did consider driving but that’s even more stressy and at least I can work/read on the train. On the bus, I will be sipping water and looking out of the window). To add insult to injury, the news story about this had a pic of a train in snow… Reminder to self: ask pharmacist for advice on travel sickness stuff so don’t throw up over posh outfit. Also pack posh outfit inside plastic bag, just in case.


Jan Jones said...

Sunday travel - yes, yuk. But on Monday at the Awards Lunch I'll be able to give you a (((BIG HUG))) in person! How good is that?

Nell said...

Sea bands are excellent for travel sickness. You wear them on your wrists and they are ace. I so wish I could be at the lunch but thats the day I'm going to have needles stuck in my hip.

Nicolette said...

I agree re Sea bands. And Joy Rides are excellent tablets to take for travel sickness. My eldest son takes them and he is always fine.

Liz Fielding said...

I'll be thinking of you on Monday as I converge on London from the opposite direction, Kate. Four hours travel (each way) for lunch. Greater stamina hath no woman than to travel to an awards lunch for a glass of champagne with her mates...

When I phoned to book my ticket it was to be met with the news that there was a landslide in Wiltshire. It seems to have been cleared, but it has been raining again.

Totally agree about Sea bands by the way. My little girl was a nightmare in a car and they helped her. She'll be at the lunch, too (not so little) and can tell you herself!

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - I am so looking forward to it.

Nell - thanks for the tip. Sorry I won't see you, and good luck with the needles.

Nicolette - thanks for the tip too :o)

Liz - ow, and I thought two and a bit hours each way was bad enough! Hope your journey goes smoothly.