Friday, January 18, 2008

award shortlisting

Current work: Med duo
Listening to: Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon (very loudly)
Reading: Quick addendum to the one I raved about the other day – sorry, I got the title wrong due to sleep deprivation – it was Dangerous Flirtation by Liz Fielding. Fabulous, fabulous book and I hope M&B decide to reprint it.

OK, so I’m blowing my own trumpet about this awards shortlisting and it doesn’t sit well with myEnglish upbringing – feels too much like boasting.

But I discovered there’s a logo I can use here (edit: I was using an old one so I've revamped)

As it’s not often one gets the chance to use logos like these (and because real life is still horrible and I want to focus on something nice), I’d just like to reiterate that I’ve been shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists Association’s Romance Prize with Breakfast at Giovanni’s. Which will be out in the US in April as In Bed With Her Italian Boss.

I’m still doing the giveaway – one signed copy of said book – and the question is easy: tell me which instrument Giovanni plays. All names go into the hat and the winner will be picked Sunday evening UK time.

Hope everyone stays safe from the threatened floods. The river near us has burst its banks so the fields are just lakes and although the road was passable this morning it won’t be by this afternoon: so it’s back to the alternative route and add another 15 minutes each way on the school run journey. And as time is at a real premium at the moment… oh, pass the coffee.


Biddy said...


Sadly I'm not at the lunch but hope to catch up soon.

Julie Cohen said...

Hooray! You rule!!

India said...

Huge congratulations Ms Hardy. What a day it's going to be!

Liz Fielding said...

Oh, God! I can't remember what Dangerous Flirtation was about. How sad is that!

Many, many congratulations on being shortlisted for the second year running for the RNA Romance Prize, Kate. It's going to be a great party -- I hope you can make it.

Michelle Styles said...

Hooray that you have a logo!

I can remember last year, H/Sil marketing asked if there was a logo, so it is great that they have done it!

Bailey Stewart said...

You've been nominated again?! Congratulations!!! (those extra ! are for Diane)

Yikes on the flood. We had a little bit of snow this morning (don't tell Diane).

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congratulations on your nomination! That's phenomenal!

Katie_S said...

Just back from a month away (including in the UK!) and just catching up with my favourite blogs. Congrats on your award nomination and I hope your Dad is on the mend.
Cheers, Katie

Kate Hardy said...

Biddy - thank you! We will catch up soon.

Julie - so do you!

India - thank you! Are you going to be there? (Hope so!)

Liz - it was the one with the saxophone player and the estate agent. Brilliant stuff. I would've married him like a shot. (I've squirrelled away a stack of your oldies to keep me going through the current rough patch. Thank you for the much-needed sunshine.)

Bailey - thanks. I'm pleased just to be nominated. Doesn't matter who wins. And I won't tell Her Up North about the s-word :o)

Booklady - nice to see you here. Thank you.

Katie S - lovely to hear from you again. Hope you had a good trip. And thank you. I hope he's on the mend again soon.

Judy Jarvie said...

Congratulations Kate! The logo looks beautiful - grin grin grin.

Kate Hardy said...

Judy - many thanks! :o)