Wednesday, January 09, 2008

not such a good day

Current work: Med duo
Listening to: Del Amitri
Reading: Louise Allen, A Most Unconventional Courtship (or I would be if I had time to read at the mo!)
Steps yesterday: 11,257 (yay for hospital corridors and the fact I left something Dad wanted in my car so had to go back for it; plus Madam’s swimming lesson)

Hospital yesterday: Dad didn’t have such a good day and was quite low. But I stayed with him for four hours so I hope it helped a bit. And hopefully this will go in cycles of a good day following a not so good day.

Very amusing incident on the way there. I was buying my lunch and a paper for Dad when this woman smiled at me and asked how the exercise was going. I couldn’t place her, and clearly I looked confused because she said, ‘It was you in the paper, wasn’t it?’ (Whoops – missed that cutting. But I remember what I said – the subject was new year’s resolutions. Kate Lardy is counting calories and trying to do a bit more exercise.) So I gestured to my lunch (a low-fat chicken salad wrap and a bowl of mixed fresh fruit – mango, pineapple, melon and strawberries, since you ask) and said I was doing very well on the eating front, but exercise was a tad trickier at the mo as Dad’s in hospital, though I’m working on it…

The poor dog’s the one who’s missing out. And no, I haven’t tried him on the treadmill. The dog, I mean. (Or Dad, bless him. I know he managed some steps yesterday in physio after I’d left, but will get full details this morning.) Dog has a new form of exercise: pacing round the dining room table, hoping that the ‘big sad spaniel eyes’ routine will work on one of us so he’ll get scraps at the table. DH lost patience and sent him back on his bed. Cue more ‘big sad spaniel eyes’ and one hard-hearted man of the house not falling for it.

Work: didn’t manage any. But hopefully everyone’s reassured at the moment and I can have a couple of hours tonight (for my sanity's sake - not pressure from my lovely editor or agent).


Julie Cohen said...

Lots of hugs to you and your dad and your stepmum and the rest of your family, including your DH for being such a star.

And good for you, too, for eating healthily and saying NO.

Love to you all.

Julie Cohen said...

(Oh and congrats for being such a celebrity!)

India said...

Yes-- how cool is that? Being recognised while out and about is so fantastic... Hope you told your dad about it and made him smile!

Fingers crossed for a better day today. Little steps-- both literally and metaphorically-- and he'll get there.


Melissa Marsh said...

It's amazing how much exercise you can get visiting the hospital. I made the trek twice a day when my husband was in the hospital for three weeks over the summer. Unfortunately, I also ate bad hospital food!