Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy February

Current work: Modern Heat
Listening to: Corelli
Reading: Bonded Heart, Jane Jackson (and it's fantastic - if you enjoyed the Richard Armitage version of 'North and South', you will love this. I can see him playing Bran. Cornish smugglers and one incredibly sexy JP. The setting is very accurate (I know this period well) and her research is seamless. Will share more about this tomorrow as it's also a special book for Jane)

First post of the month, so I’m sharing the calendar pic. Very pretty (and no, of course it’s not my room – wrong colour walls and where are the books and the touch-light reading lamp? And I only drink champagne in bed on New Year's Eve... not to mention the fact that if those are chocolates, the kids or the dog would've swiped them. This is pure romantic fantasy, and very nice it is too).

Today, we have snow, and it’s meant to be the most we’ve had in a decade. London has twelve inches of snow, so I’ll be texting my family later to check they are all OK. Slept very badly last night, probably because I was worrying about the snow. (Want to know why? Go and read my blog entry from Feb 21 2005. Yes, I did get the beginning of a book out of it – The Consultant’s New-Found Family – but I would rather not repeat that experience.) Had all sorts of strange and disturbing dreams; woke up half a dozen times and checked obsessively for snow. Everywhere was blanketed in white.

However, on the glass half full bit, it’s perfect for my Norway book. (They’re in Tromso at the moment. Where, in 1997, they had 240cm of snow (93.5 inches) still lying in April. A friend of mine in ‘Brigadoon’ might like it there…)

Righty. Happy February. If you’re reading this in the UK, enjoy the snow and stay safe.


Nicolette said...

Happy February, Kate. There's snow here too, down on the south coast of Hampshire. Quite thick, but no notification from the schools as to whether they're closed, or not. Travel safely if you're going out everyone!

Nell Dixon said...

Snowing here and all the schools are shut. So happy today and tomorrow are my days off from the paying job.

Jan Jones said...

We have snow here, just down from you and to the left a bit. Cats so not impressed.

Glad it's not your bed. I was just thinking those rose petals are going to be a b****r to get out of the washing machine later.

Kate Hardy said...

Some of the schools are closed; some not. We only have a couple of inches at the moment, but we're meant to have a lot dumped on us this afternoon.

Rachel said...

Morning, Kate!

Schools where I am in Hampshire are open but the council seem to have given a lot of the major roads a miss with the gritters! Hence my car had been abandoned half a mile away at the bottom of a slippery slope. All safe but in need of coffee!!!

Have a safe day!