Friday, January 30, 2009

deadline, deadline, deadline

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Apologies – another week where have been a hopeless blogger.

It’s all to do with my deadline. I love this book; the more research I do, the more I want to visit Norway. I so want to see the northern lights. 2013 is the best year to aim for as solar flare activity will be very high.

Righty. So what have I been doing this week? Working. Guitar lesson. Working. Talking to the council’s lovely pest controller on Wednesday about Ratty. Working. While making cup of coffee for lunch at my desk (i.e. working), saw the squirrel having a major strop at lack of food on mesh tray (so he draped himself over the pole, stretched out his little paws, grabbed the fat ball holder and drew it close enough to nosh – by the time I got the camera, sadly, he’d disappeared. This pic is from the weekend. So you can see how hard he had to stretch himself to get to the fat ball holder).

And then, just for a change, working. Quick trip into town yesterday to meet lovely friend Kate for lunch (we’ve had to postpone it so many times – sick kids, builders, yada yada yada – so I was determined not to cancel again – had a lovely lunch, and she also gave me a signed copy of her husband’s latest book, utterly lovely – also had to get Dad’s birthday pressie). Working.

And today (when deadline is at screaming pitch) DH announces that he has a day off, as he needs to use up his holiday entitlement and can’t do it next week. (He’s also off during half term, when we’re going to London and then going around East Anglia to get my final pics for the next two nonfics, which also have very close deadlines. Yeah, yeah. I know. And the answer is no, I’ll never learn. I like being busy. I just miscalculated a tad for this batch.) Point out that am busy and have a deadline. ‘But you have to come to town with me.’ Why? ‘To look at carpets.’ Not until I’ve got my PLR money, we're not. ‘And get your birthday pressie. And I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.’

Hmm. Hot date with gorgeous man (which is refilling the well and inspiring a certain dark-haired hero with gorgeous blue eyes, yes?).

Just call me weak-willed. Picked up daughter’s new guitar book, son’s gum shield thingy (rugby – or, as he puts it, ‘I’m going to be beaten to a pulp’… oh, dear), and moseyed into Sonkai with DH's card at the ready.

There’s only one person in the world who could buy that bead for me – ‘heart of gold’. And yes, of course it’s on my bracelet now. (Am the genetic link for son’s ADHD. Am so not good at waiting.)

Then it was coffee. And, um, because I’m weak-willed, this.

(Dear diet buddies. This was my lunch and it was not very big. I know it wasn’t nutritionally balanced and I will have to walk about ten miles to counteract it, but… it was extremely nice. Toffee tart with a white chocolate heart piped on the top. How could I resist?)

And as certain people have been making a fuss about wireless broadband and X-box live, we called in at MASS on the way home and ordered my new PC. Which will be ready the day after my birthday. And next week I will speak to my ISP and sort out the wireless bit of it. (Think I may be forced to buy the laptop next week. But not until I've finished my book.)

And now… hopefully peace and quiet and I can go back to work. Hellooooo, deadline...

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Jan Jones said...

Ooh, love the Heart Of Gold.

And that calorific toffee thing.

Why don't fast-typing fingers use up any calories, that's what I want to know?