Friday, February 20, 2009

kissing where we damn well like

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In response to the Virgin Trains dictat that thou shalt not kiss at train stations, Sarah Ritherdon, Mills & Boon's Director of Publishing, said: “Romantic embraces and passionate kisses are a vital part of life and should never be discouraged. We believe that attempting to restrict passion to certain times or areas is a denial of the human right to express love. ”

Hear, hear.

Dear Virgin Bosses. You’ve not heard of the classic film ‘Brief Encounter’, then. Or waved off someone you loved on the train. Or had them meet you from the train, after weeks of being apart.

And might I just point out how many people gave their lives in the First World War for us – ostensibly to keep us part of a free world – and kissed someone goodbye at the train station when they left for France to be massacred in the trenches? That goodbye kiss was probably one of the key things that kept them going through the nightmare: the thought they were saving their loved ones. (Ditto Second World War, though obviously not with the trenches.)

To impose something like this, and call it “light-hearted”... clearly Colin Daniels and his crew live in a different world.

So in response to their no-kissing sign, I’m posting one here from my publisher. Feel free to borrow it and pass it on.

In my student days, DH used to meet me from the train at Norwich station at the end of term, and see me off at said station at the beginning of term. (And weekends home, when I could manage them.) Every time, I got a kiss and hug hello and goodbye, and I would’ve been so miserable if I hadn’t. And if I catch the train home from London at a reasonable time, the love of my life and our children will meet me at the station with a hug and a kiss.

This is the sort of thing that makes the world go round.

I should add that on Wednesday, as I was aware of this story, I made a point of kissing my husband at the railway station.

Because we live in a free world.

And long may it stay that way.


Jan Jones said...

Go, Kate!

A hug and a kiss ARE what makes the world a bearable place.

Michelle Styles said...

I believe as you do.

It was not lighthearted. It was an attempt to erode liberty AND I suspect it backfired.

Kimberly Lang said...

There aren't any passenger trains in North Alabama, so I was completely unaware of this until M&B stepped in.

At first, I thought it was to curb the tonsil-hockey full-body-grope some folks seem to like to do in public. But any kissing? Does that include kissing my child as she gets on the train?

I have no problem with PDA until it crosses into the "get a room" territory, but this is just ridiculous.

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - exactly :o)

Kate Hardy said...

Michelle - agreed :o)

Kate Hardy said...

Kim - that's what annoyed me. Sure, the 'get a room' types could do with a reminder that they live in a cage called freedom, the bars of which are other people's freedoms... but I feel it's important for kids to grow up knowing that showing emotion and affection is normal.