Thursday, October 30, 2008

books, birthdays and the s-word

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Busy day yesterday. Went into town with son and Madam while DH visited his mother. Nipped into Borders and signed the most enormous pile of books – this little lot in front of me is a tiny fraction of them. Every time I thought I was making headway, the store manager appeared with another pile. Madam was in charge of adding the 'signed by author' stickers, and son was in charge of stacking them. Son also took photograph (urrgh, first one was a side-on view. A definite incentive to sort out weight control. I have been doing about 15,000 steps a day during the hols, though).

Then we went shopping for Madam’s birthday pressie. Unfortunately, the bracelet she wanted was unavailable (the one with the lobster clasp and a dangly bit), but we bought the charm she wanted. Persuaded the kids to let me go into a couple of churches (and what a LOVELY welcome we had at St George’s Tombland) for pics; then lunch; then home.

Unbeknown to Madam, I did a quick ring round the other three jewellers in Norfolk who stock Pandora. Managed to source her bracelet, and even better they’re posting it to me (cost is much less than the petrol would be, as said jeweller is in Burnham). Am looking forward to seeing her face on Saturday when she opens a small parcel, expecting it to be just the teddy bear charm, and discovers the bracelet attached to it. I love putting a bit of sunshine into people’s lives.

Apparently snow fell in London yesterday – the first time it’s snowed in London during October since 1934. This morning, we appear to have another sharp frost, but thankfully no white stuff. Hope it stays away.

Plans for today: lazy day in. Really, REALLY must tidy desk...


Jan Jones said...

Clever you on the bracelet front.

I went down to London yesterday on the train and looked out of the window at Royston or thereabouts and saw snow covering all the roofs and fields!

Liz Fielding said...

Aren't you just the most lovely mum! I hope madam has the best day ever.

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - I am so pleased because it arrived this morning - it has a lovely box to keep it in as well, and a pretty bag (so even better, I don't have to get the pink sparkly paper and sellotape out - well, I do for her brother's pressie to her).

Eek on the snow.

Kate Hardy said...

Liz - thank you :o) Am sure she'll have a wonderful time as she has the two pressies she really, really wants; she has a new dress to wear out to dinner; AND we have brilliant seats for Beauty and the Beast at the theatre.

And then of course it's her family birthday party on Sunday - she can't wait for that, either! Especially as she's chosen the biggest chocolate cake in the world. Note to self: check that I have enough pink sparkly candles...

Lou Gagliardi said...

You are a fantastic..umm..mum! Is that right? lol! You and my mother would get a long lovely, as you both do things like that.

It makes me actually tear up, remembering all the times she would do thingsl ike that. She had a mammogram the other day, the first time they thought there was a lump, the second time nothing. Thank the Lord on that one!

And I'm sure London is lovely with snow. Being American, I wouldn't know though.

Kate Hardy said...

Lou - very glad to hear that your mum had the all clear.

London is about 100 miles south of me... and the snow can stay there, thank you :o) (As long as it melts before Sunday, as most of my family lives that way and they're coming over on Sunday...)