Wednesday, October 08, 2008

small, simple pleasures

Current work: articles/nonfic/tinkering with new book outline
Listening to: various medieval stuff
Reading: next on my TBR bookcase (too tired last night)

Whenever Madam wakes up in the middle of the night, she always invades our bed – which means I get left with the teensiest bit of mattress. We had one of those nights, last night; once she was settled back in her own bed, I could NOT get back to sleep. Which means that today I’m sleep-deprived and grumpy.

Not helped by DH deciding to be helpful this morning – he took my phone from my bag to charge it up (it was beeping to signal that the battery was low), and apparently my keys were on top of the phone... and he didn’t put them back in the same place. Caused me a good five minutes of panic until I found them.

So today I’ve gone for a small, simple pleasure.


Specifically, ginger cake. Like the ones my mum and I used to make: autumn always makes me think of sticky ginger cake. I had a little time to kill between the school run and seeing my accountant, and the supermarket in the village sells cakes from a local cake-maker – practically as good as home made. Just as I’d hoped, there was a little ginger cake on the shelf. I don’t normally indulge, because I’m the only one in the house who likes it and I have no willpower whatsoever (so you know who’s going to eat the entire cake over the next few days. Kate Glutton). But today, after a broken night and that panicky, chaotic five minutes where I couldn’t find my keys… I really wanted cake. A tiny slice (two bites’-worth) along with a cup of Earl Grey.

It’s gone a long way to restoring my mood. I have no intention of feeling guilty about it, even though I know that cake is a Bad Thing. I have a feeling that, in this economic climate, small, simple pleasures are going to be very necessary.

What’s your small, simple pleasure?


Margaret McDonagh said...

I have two - one I can get away with because they are healthy, and the other which isn't!

The healthy one ... Innocent smoothies. My fridge is stuffed with cartons in various flavours and I could not make it through the day without at least one huge mug.

The guilty one ... Ferrero Raffaello. Introduced to me by a certain person who shall remain nameless but to which I am also addicted and require a daily fix!

Mags xx

Kate Hardy said...

Nameless person shuffles towards the ginger cake, looking guilty as charged...

(But you have to admit, Mags, they ARE nice!)

Lori x said...

! Today it appears to be quavers, later in the week it will be birthday cake (my daughter turns 5 on Saturday and my husband is the best sponge baker, but don't tell anyone!), as I missed weight watchers this week I know it's going to be a bad food one.
ps I blame this too on perpetual tiredness, my son hasn't spent one night in his own bed in 3 and 1/2 years, I don't even know he's got in our bed now until, as you mentioned, I'm clinging to the edge of the matress with no covers!

Michelle Styles said...

I am very pleased to beyond the invasion of the bed snatchers. There was a reason that we went to a king sized bed... and I do know about needing sugar hits because of being exhausted...
Gingerbread cake is lovely. It really reminds me of growing up. My mother used to make it a lot as the recipe she used had molasses in it and molasses has lots of iron.

Simple pleasures include going for a walk with the dogs and my husband.

Melissa Marsh said...

Chocolate. Dark chocolate.

And another small pleasure of mine is fresh baked chocolate-chip cookies and a cold glass of milk.

Good for you on not feeling guilty. We can't deprive ourselves ALL the time!

Anonymous said...

Well this month its three pleasures.

I play a video game called World of Warcraft. It's a small, 16 dollar a month pleasure, but well worth it cause I make friends and take my frustrations out on the bad guys in the game.

My second pleasure is books. Especially HQN/Mills and Boon books.

My third, and its because of something special is birthday cake. Especially my birthday cake. I turn 25 in about 8 or so days.

Jan Jones said...

Simple pleasures - a HOT mug of tea, my feet up on the reclining bit of sofa, and a good book. Eight all-by-myself minutes and then I can face the world again.

Shirley said...

Chocolate. Preferably dark, but I'm not too fussy. Given that, a coffee and time to myself to read, I'm in heaven.

I love ginger cake, too. My mum used to make wonderful ones. Yum. Enjoy and don't feel guilty!

Kate Hardy said...

Lori - ooh, it's been ages since I had Quavers. But cake... cake takes precedence. Happy birthday to your daughter :o)

Kate Hardy said...

Michelle - so envious. It's time she grew out of it as she's 8 at the end of this month.

Walking with the dogs and husband is a nice one. (Especially if there's a beach involved. East coast beaches have that certain wonderful something... oh yeah. It's the North Sea. And a nice brisk wind.)

Kate Hardy said...

Melissa - oh, yes. Hot cookies and cold milk. Lovely combo. (There's a v good choc-chip cookie recipe on my website. It's the one where I always have to make double for a family party, because they can't wait and scoff them as soon as they're out of the oven!)

Kate Hardy said...

Lou - my kids would be with you on the gaming front. (And I have to admit that the Wii is quite fun. I also like the mini-games on the Nintendo DSL.)

Books - yup - a man after my own heart.

And happy quarter of a century for next week!

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - eight whole minutes? Ahhh, bliss.

Mmm. A mug of tea and a good book. Works for me.

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley - LOL on not being fussy. I had a conversation with son, the other day, when he waved this Yorkie bar in front of me and made me read what it said: "Not for girls". I pointed out that I am too old to be a girl. Poor boy burst out with, "You're not to scoff it - and yes, I do know you're on deadline!" (Actually, I'm not so keen on Yorkie - Nestle chocolate sometimes has a funny texture.)

A hot drink and a good book. There's a bit of a theme here, isn't there? :o)

Kate Hardy said...

PS And it seems I am no longer the only one in the house who likes ginger cake. Which means I can buy dark, dark treacle and teach the kids to make our own.

Ah, the scent of baking. And a cup of tea to go with it (am trying to cut down on the coffee intake).

Margaret McDonagh said...

They are more than nice, Kate! They are moreishly addictive - not good when you have little willpower!

Mags xx

Anonymous said...

I am considering getting a DSL, but I just don't know there are a few games that I would enjoy.

And thank you on the happy wishes.

For your kids, if they like the Wii/DSL, might I suggest finding (at least your son) a game series called Castlevania, I am sure a fan of Dr. Who and other things, he would enjoy them. I know I do.