Monday, October 13, 2008


Current work: articles/new Medical/tinkering with other projects
Listening to: Lindsey Buckingham
Reading: Carol Townend, An Honourable Rogue (loved this one – Carol’s settings are wonderfully evocative. Lovely characters, too – I would definitely have lost my heart to Ben)

I’m blogging today over at We Write Romance, so do go over and make a comment to be in with a chance of winning a book (NB it’s on US time and I’m on UK time, so ‘today’ means October 13.
So, what have I been up to?

Friday was a library day… except the bit where I planned to work was temporarily closed. Which meant I didn't have access to all the stuff I wanted, sigh, but managed to worked a bit downstairs in the morning. Until the woman opposite me started having a very loud conversation on her mobile phone. Clearly I’m middle-aged and grumpy, because I did ask her very politely if she’d mind being a little quieter, please, as I was trying to work. (I could hear her above the PA system in another part of the Forum – with my hearing aid switched off, and I can’t hear planes overhead in said circumstances, so I don’t think I was being that stuffy…) Met Ali for lunch; lovely to have a catch-up.

Saturday was a field trip – lots of church-crawling, followed by a visit to King’s Lynn museum (mainly to see Seahenge, but the collection there is fascinating). This is a detail from Barkham's tomb in South Acre - just glorious! (WWR has the pics of the brass which was the reason why we visited the church. Very inspiring for a romantic novelist.)

Sunday was my interview at BBC Radio Norfolk with lovely Maggie Secker, talking about ghosts and legends – and, because the sky was the right shade of blue, I persuaded DH that we needed to go to Thurne Mill. We were halfway there when the mist started rising, and he was convinced that I’d take the picture, say the sky still wasn’t the right colour, and insist on revisiting another day.

(I should explain: white windmill + white sails = need for a very blue or a very stormy sky – if it’s overcast and pale, there isn’t enough contrast between the background and the sails. Hence the 'right colour blue'.) However, the light was perfect, and I think I may have found my front cover for the Little Book of Norfolk. I’d really like a collage, but if we have to stick to one pic then this is definitely a front runner.

Today: articles to finish, then I’m writing again (and tinkering with some other projects). Madam has an Inset day tomorrow (i.e. it's a teacher training day and there are no classes), so we’re going into town to see if we can find her a dress for her birthday, and then taking Dad out for lunch. Other than that, this week sees an awards dinner on Thursday (I’m starting to get nervous now, even though I’m going with the attitude that it’s a very strong shortlist and I’m not expecting to win – I’m tipping George Plunkett, and actually I think it’d be lovely for him to get posthumous recognition of his work) and another radio interview on Friday.

Righty... to work.


Lori x said...


Another great picture, what an interesting piece of art!

Lori x

(thanks for the birthday wishes for my daughter, she had a great day and as predicted I ate far too much cake!)

Kate Hardy said...

Lori - it's We Write Romance -

Glad your daughter had a lovely day. (And sympathies on the cake. I can't resist the stuff, either.)

Nell said...

Great pic!

Katie_S said...

Good luck for the awards ceremony :-)

Jan Jones said...

Um, I think I could have done without this pic, actually. It's doing vaguely unpleasant things to my stomach.

When do we get to see the Thurne one?

Kate Hardy said...

Nell - you would've LOVED that church. (South Acre, if ever you get the chance to come over this side of the country.)

Kate Hardy said...

Katie - thank you very much! I'm starting to get nervous...

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - sorry it's a tad gruesome! Thurne... next post :o) (as in Wednesday)