Thursday, October 09, 2008

More simple pleasures

Current work: talking to Y6 children about being an author, with my NYR hat on
Listening to: not, too busy talking :o)
Reading: next on my TBR bookcase (too tired last night)

Pleasures from today:

  • Doing three talks to Y6 children (aged 10-11) – all of whom were really interested, really involved, and asked loads of questions. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. (And I’m not just biased because it’s my school – they were fabulous, fabulous kids and it’s lovely to be able to share the joy of books as part of the NYR)
  • Discovering that my daughter has joined the school choir – and being treated to a rendition of the songs she’s doing at a school concert next month, on the way home in the car (she really does have a lovely voice – and I do like the song ‘I can see clearly now’. She’s also doing ‘Consider yourself’ – it’s great fun) (and it was lovely hearing her sing it to her dad, and hearing him join in)
  • Walking up the hill through a pile of autumn leaves, hearing them scrunch under my feet
    Seeing the sweet, bright blue of an early autumn sky (this is my favourite season)
  • Receiving a book in the post that I’m really looking forward to reading (thank you VERY much to the friend who sent it: you know who you are)

Days like this are ones to be savoured and remembered when things are a little tough.

Which pleasures would you store?


Jan Jones said...

Going into the library this morning and seeing a poster advertising MY TALK on November 6th.

I knew I was doing the talk (well, duh, Jan), but the poster on the wall was a very unexpected pleasure indeed!

Nell said...

The feel of warm sunshine on my face, the taste of good coffee and the fresh smell of clean linen would be things I'd store.

Lori x said...

The moments I share with dh when we overhear our children talking to each other, their discussions make us laugh so much sometimes.
The sound of my son when he gets the giggles. My daughter when she's telling me about something new she's just discovered.

The feeling I get when I've just finished a really great book. Actually no - the feeling I get when I am not quite at the end of a great book!

Lori x