Friday, October 03, 2008


Current work: articles/nonfic
Listening to: Kathryn Williams
Reading: Donna Alward, Falling for Mr Dark and Dangerous (enjoyed this very much – and I really loved learning about the Chinook wind. What makes a book extra-special for me is if I learn something new. This ticked the boxes. Oh, and I want some of that cake. Note to self: ask Donna for recipe)

Finished the revisions last night. Quite late. Here’s hoping my ed likes them. Interestingly, she asked me to take something out of the original outline. Her revision notes said to me that my original plan was the way to go. Have nicked a location from my mate Fiona Harper, also inspired by a blog post from my mate Jan Jones. (Will admit to this properly if it stays in the book – I might end up with another set of revisions on this one.) My beloved spaniel has a walk-on part in it. (Not that you’d know it. He’s snoring gently on his bed, next to my desk.)

Spent the morning with Dad; came home to a French copy of One Night, One Baby (and a superb title – La promesse d’un inconnu).

This is a view of London I know quite well, as we normally end up on the river if it’s dry and not over-cold. And of course, where the picture would have been photographed, there are, ahem, lamp posts. (My mate Amy Andrews hasn’t quite yet recovered from that scene in The Cinderella Project!)

Plan for the rest of today: lunch with dog (very brief), articles, and a bit of work on my nonfic…

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Jan Jones said...

I know where it i-is, I know where it i-is...

Fab, fab, fab French cover!