Friday, October 17, 2008

The glamorous life of an author…

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Yesterday was the very first East Anglian Book Awards and I was delighted to be on the shortlist. Around 50 people were in the Jarrolds restaurant last night for the award presentation, very nicely done by Keith Skipper (who always gives a great talk).

I didn’t win (and, let’s face it, two awards in a year would be a bit greedy!), but I was very pleased that my friend Carol Twinch was a winner with her book ‘The Little Book of Suffolk’. Here’s Carol with Keith (and her winner's plaque!).

The overall winner was Carol Birch with ‘Scapegallows’; runner-up was Ronald Blythe with ‘Field Work’. Other category winners were Andrew Humphrey with ‘Other Voices’, Peter Haining with ‘Norfolk Broads: The Golden Years’ and Patrick Boswell with ‘Boswell’s Norwich’.

The ‘Classic’ book award was won by LP Hartley’s ‘The Go Between’ (a very good book, made into a beautiful film with lovely Julie Christie).

And here are all the winners with the judges and the awards sponsors.

I think everyone really enjoyed the evening, and I was chuffed to bits being able to bask in my friend’s reflected glory!

Plans for today: morning in the library, doing research; and then at lunchtime I’m 0n BBC Radio Norfolk, talking to lovely Graham Barnard and Karen Buchanan on their ‘Ladies at Lunch’ spot.


Michelle Styles said...

I always say that the honour is in making hte shortlist. I am so pleased you had a good evening.

And, where are the pictures of the new radley bag? I must say that every time I see the Radley advert, I think of you.

India said...

Congratulations on your nomination, Kate. How fab to have a chance to celebrate local talent-- it looks like a great evening.

The Go-Between is one of my very favourite books ever (and the film wasn't bad either. Hmmm... Off now to browse youtube for Alan Bates's naked chest...)

Liz Fielding said...

Like Michelle, I believe that making the shortlist is the biggie (well I've been shortlisted a lot more times than I've won!)

You obviously had a fabulous evening and I'm going to have to dig out my DVD of The Go-Between. Alan Bates, yum.

Anonymous said...

Like Michele, and Liz, I believe being shortlisted is it's own reward. It means that they can acknowledge a wonderful author when they see one. Of course, we the readers already knew that ;)

Yesterday was my birthday, and we found out my stepdad has Diabetes, and that we might be forced to move in a couple of months. But otherwise, it was a nice day. My friend from Britain bought me a couple of your books, and shipped them to me--so it was a very nice day indeed.

Jan Jones said...

Shame you didn't win, Kate, but glad you had a good evening.

Kate Hardy said...

Michelle - thank you :o) And I will get a pic soon. (Haven't seen the Radley ad, though. Must loo out for it.)

Kate Hardy said...

India - thank you. It was a great evening.

Isn't TGB wonderful? I was really pleased it was chosen.

Kate Hardy said...

Liz - thank you, and I did. Enjoy the film :o)

Kate Hardy said...

Lou - thanks for the compliment. Glad you had some good things on your birthday (and I hope the cake was good, too!). Sorry to hear about your stepdad's diabetes; and fingers crossed that moving will be a good experience rather than a rough one.

And I'm really honoured that your friend chose my books as a present!

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - thank you, and it was :o)