Monday, February 14, 2011

pink Monday

Current work: outline
Listening to: Rumer (another surprise pressie from DH)
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Mills & Boon is celebrating Valentine’s Day with Pink Monday – there are special offers every hour. Go over to the M&B website to see more!

Sorry I’m a bit late posting this, i.e. halfway through the day. Busy this morning – discussion with GP about blood pressure, and he says I’m doing all the right things about the cholesterol by tweaking my breakfast back to porridge, but this time using soya milk and adding ground flaxseed (thank you, Kate Jackson Bedford, for that one!) and fresh blueberries. As for the BP – he says take a very big step back from the FC, and do gentle exercise. He also approves of Shred, and I started that today (thank you, Michelle Styles and Sarah Crowe, for the advice on that one – and I have survived my first session!).

Other than that, had a lovely weekend with bestest family. The family party on Sunday got taken over with board games (including a Monopoly session that went on for 3.5 hours!) and that made it feel a lot better. Bit of an ouch moment for me when everyone sang happy birthday to me (usually that’s for Dad). But we raised a glass to him and it was fine.

Today, I have eldest home sick with the D&V bug. Hoping nobody else in the house picks it up (or, if we do, that it’s short-lived) because we have Jacqueline Wilson’s book signing on Thursday, and a trip to London planned for next week.

Happy Valentine’s Day – and an extra hug to those who are finding today difficult for whatever reason.


sarah_crowe said...

Well done Kate on surviving your first Shred. It does get easier!
What diet does Jillian recommend as I know nothing about that side of things.
Glad you had a nice birthday yesterday.

Kate Hardy said...

Sarah - I think today was harder (arms, rather than legs). But I am perservering!

Jillian says it depends on whether you're a fast, slow or balanced oxidiser (i.e. how quickly you burn through the nutrients in your food). In general she's an advocate of looking at the glycaemic load index (eg carrots are high GI, but you're not going to eat a whole plateful of carrots on their own, so they're OK to eat as part of a meal). Can lend you the book if you like?