Thursday, February 17, 2011

the joys of the emergency department...

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Reading: How to Bake a Perfect Life, Barbara O’Neal – fabulous

So, there I was – just sent second revisions in to ed and planning to go back to wrestling the new book – when I heard huge crashing noises upstairs. No shrieks of pain, so I assumed DH dropped something off the bathroom shelf into the bath. A few minutes later, he was at the bottom of the stairs, looking sorry for himself. He’d slipped, banged his shin on the edge of the bath, and the swelling was the size of an egg… all the way from his knee to his ankle. Cue me sticking on an ice pack, bundling him into my car and taking him to the emergency department to check if it was fractured. And waiting rather a long time.

Luckily it’s not a fracture, just bad bruising. But this means rest, ice and elevation. Bored male, forced to sit still: oh, joy. Son is still home sick with the tail end of his tummy bug, so maybe they can amuse each other and do X-box stuff or something.

Last night was interesting from a work point of view, though. Evening ED cases seem to be mainly people limping and tiny babies. Next ED book, am borrowing this case. Well, hey, a three-hour wait on a very hard chair deserves some payback!

We do however have something nice to look forward to (even though it’s going to involve a big queue) because Jacqueline Wilson is signing her new book today, and I have a ticket for daughter.

Righty. Off to do my nursing bit, administering tea, painkillers and sympathy...


Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Never a dull moment, eh?!

Good luck with those boys!



liz fenwick said...

I do love how nothing in our lives ever goes to waist :-) Hope he's feeling better.


Nas Dean said...

Hi Kate,

I saw the title and...

I do hope he feels better soon!

Lacey Devlin said...

Urgh I can just imagine the pain the poor man. Whenever I end up in ED there's always someone who's gone off their meds and is looking to check back into psych... That doesn't make the wait seem any shorter lol!

I hope all the men in your life get well very soon!