Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Current work: Gelati book revisions (last readthrough)
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So much for my quiet day to work yesterday. Interruptions, plus I ended up spending a lot of time waiting round for a phone call (it’s hard to concentrate on creating something when you have one eye ont he clock), then was given literally ten minutes to decide whether to cancel our trip to Egypt or pay for it. (Well, hey. I wait for five hours for you to come back to me with the options, and you give me ten minutes?)

Bearing in mind that the Foreign Office says do not travel to Luxor unless essential, there’s a curfew 3pm to 8am (so even if it was safe to go we wouldn’t have much time to explore, wouldn’t be able to eat out in the evenings, and wouldn’t be able to do half the excursions I had in mind), and frankly even if the president decides to stand down there will be factions and counter-factions and unrest for months… It’s not going to happen, is it? If we wait until the day before we go and the tour operator cancels it, we will not have to pay a penny – but it also means we won’t be able to go away when we planned (and I really need some time away from all the pressure). If we cancel now, we lose our deposit, but can at least book somewhere of our choice.

We have managed to wheedle an extra week to make the decision, but we’re pretty sure now it’s going to be cancel now and book a trip elsewhere. We did borrow the travel agent’s copy of the tour operator’s brochure, but as there’s nowhere that’s even close to our wish list then a straight transfer isn’t an option. I guess we’re awkward because we like breaks where we can explore rather than ones where you do nothing but lie on a beach all day and have hotel entertainment in the evening.

So at the moment everything is up in the air and everyone in the house is staking a claim to number two on their wish list. Son is voting for Russia to see the supervolcano (dear son, bomb in Moscow airport last week, no chance); daughter is voting for India or Mexico (protests from son and DH); DH is voting for New York (if we’re going to the US, it’d need to be for two weeks to make the jet lag worth it, and I would place a counter-bid for New England); and my bid for Trondheim was scuppered because there aren’t any package tours (which means it would be hugely expensive and blow our budget).

So tonight is more debate. And I must not spend today on the internet looking up hotels in Rome (which is on everyone’s wish list). To work.

Well. After blood test – that’s my annual thyroid level check – and explaining just why my blood pressure is sky-high right now, and guitar lesson. To work...


Shirley Wells said...

If it were me, I wouldn't think twice about cancelling Egypt right now. It's very sad, but who knows what will happen?

I keep looking at Trondheim too. As you say, very expensive.

Hope the blood test went okay. My annual one for thyroid was due in October. I seem to have slipped off their radar... ;)

Caroline said...

Oh hugs Kate - what rotten luck! It's a difficult decision to make that's for sure. Wishing you, and your family, all the best. Caroline x

Sharon Kendrick said...

I cancelled a trip to Egypt this very morning! x

India said...

Ahh Kate, knowing your travel plans I've been thinking of you while watching the news and wondering if you'd have to make a decision soon. Hope you manage to make another plan which will excite you all as much as Luxor.


Brigitte said...

Dear me, I think Egypt is not the way to go right now. That opportunity will come again, I'm sure.

Rome in spring is very nice. We've been several times during that period and the weather is really lovely. Lots to see - history around every corner.

But don't forget to book tickets ahead over the net for the Vatican Museum (Sistine Chapel), 'cause lines are HUGE otherwise.