Friday, February 04, 2011

er, what day is it?

Current work: playing with outlines/ a bit of research
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So, the plan was: go into town with DH to sort out the trip, then meet my friend Kate for lunch while DH did some shopping (aka my birthday pressie). Now, Kate is never late. (I, on the other hand, always manage to hit a huge queue in the car park, so cannot say the same.) So I was worried. I left a couple of messages on her voicemail, then thought about it; we had to change the date. Today was Thurs Feb 4th, right? Er, no, try Thursday Feb 3rd… I was a day too early. (Kate confirmed that later. She's fine. I was dozy.)

So I had a hot date instead with a gorgeous man. (Every time I say that to the kids, they roll their eyes and say, ‘What, you mean Dad?’ Er, yes. Who else do they think I’m going to go out with? Antonio Banderas? In my dreams!)

Going out to lunch twice in a week (twice in two days, if we’re being picky) is very decadent but it has to be done :o) And I have been working, so it’s not as if I’m being a completely idle mare. Bouncing ideas off another writer in person does actually count as work, too. Just it’s more fun than bouncing said ideas against yourself. And usually more productive, too.

While DH and I were in town, I spied Jacqueline Wilson’s new hardback in Jarrolds’ window. As in my daughter’s favourite author. And she’s signing said new book in a fortnight’s time. Can’t think of anything nicer than getting a signed copy from one of your favourite authors, so I’ve sorted out a ticket for the signing (also bought the book in advance, on advice of book department, to avoid panic on the day). Daughter is absolutely thrilled.

I, too, am thrilled, but for a different reason. The replacement trip is to the Eternal City. A whole week in Rome, yay! We bought two guidebooks yesterday (Lonely Planet and AA Citypak – first has the detail I want, and second fits in handbag and has ace map). Our hotel is in a nice area near Santa Maria Maggiore, is boutique and family run and the food is good (location, location, breakfast - has excellent reviews on Tripadvisor); and I feel a replacement for the book after next coming on (aka not the Riva I’m doing now or the Med that’s up next – the Riva after that). And, actually, I was dozy about that. I told the kids we were going to a completely different hotel. Until the travel agent rang up to confirm and I asked if she could remind me of the name. Whoops. Cue humble pie from me to DH.

So now I’m wondering, what’s the third thing I’m going to be dozy about? And I just remembered. I’ve already done that – I mixed up the times of my blood test on Tues. Am glad head is attached to body. Or I would be leaving that behind… (Actually, I'm not dozy; as certain close friends have pointed out to me, I have too much dumped on me that shouldn't be my responsibility, and I'm trying to fit too many things into too little time. You know my new year's resolution about saying no? I'm really not good at it!)

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Rachel lyndhurst said...

I have an amazing picture of it on one of my calendars for February. I sooooo want to go, it looks fascinating. And romantic. And ummistakeably Italian.
I know you will, but take loads of pictures for us won't you?!