Friday, October 01, 2010

Minxed again :o)

Current work: Capri medical romance
Listening to: Daughtry (first album - though was also tortured with Lady Gaga)
Reading: next on TBR

I’m over at the Minxes of Romance today, talking about the joys of research and telling more about the research I did for my latest release, Champagne with a Celebrity. (Thank you very much, Lorraine, for having me.) Do come over and say hello.

Other than that, daughter has new earrings (today is the first day she’s allowed to change them) and I had the not-so-lovely task of removing the ones from the initial piercing – ick, and I think I might’ve pinched her ear a bit (long nails on strumming hand), but she’s happy.

I’m also trying to resist the lure known as our fridge (and no, I’m not talking about the chocolate drawer, which is deliberately populated with chocolate I don’t like. And yes, you did read that correctly. There is some chocolate I don't like. Mainly Nestlé, owing to the texture).

At the moment, I have a real yen for toast with proper butter and posh raspberry jam. I think this is because I’m planning to go back on the straight and narrow on Monday. Still low-carb, but because I’ve been very half-hearted on the current diet for the whole of this year (probably because I know it too well and therefore can ignore it), I’m trying something a little different. Something new to me, so I’ll have to look things up; in theory, that should make me stop and think before falling off the diet.

The tough phase is for two weeks (during which time I have a posh author lunch in London, but I can work round that), and by that time I should have broken the bad habits and lost enough weight to motivate me to continue. Two weeks without porridge for breakfast is going to be horrible (says middle-aged woman in severe breakfast rut, wondering if cinnamon would be nice in an omelette and then remembering it's meant to be a vegetable omelette), but it’s only two weeks, and the way this year is whizzing by it’ll pass in the blink of an eye.

Righty. Back to work for me. I want to hit half today’s quota before lunch, and then I need to book various things (aka the Book of the Dead exhibition, Christmas party for DH’s work, and ten-pin bowling for daughter’s birthday). And caffeine’s allowed on my new diet. I think I might have to nip into town tomorrow to buy some French Vanilla…


Caroline said...

Ughhh diets I loathe them. I'm thinking of going on the Jenny Craig one...but all that money...when I could be buying I said ughhh.

Have a good weekend! Caroline x p.s my word verification is "lastgi" - which somehow seems like a good title for a WWII romance - lol!

Kate Hardy said...

Don't think I could do Jenny Craig - I love messing about in the kitchen (and I'd rather spend my money on books, too!) and I'd just feel deprived and miserable. The South Beach diet has lovely recipes and I'm going to enjoy experimenting (and hopefully that will keep me on track!).

Have a lovely weekend, too. And LOL on the WWII romance. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it... *g*

Michelle Styles said...

Porridge as long as you are not adding sugar is low GI and it lasts in your stomach.

I have been on the waist disposal diet for 6 weeks now. It is quite good. Lost five inches about my waist. But I did make a concession with porridge as its GI index is so much lower than bread etc.
Chromium tablets help at the beginning of a diet btw.

Kate Hardy said...

It's vegetable-based carbs only in the first two weeks. But you can guess what I'm choosing as my first "add-back" carb :o) And ick, not with sugar. (DH puts golden syrup on his - horrid!)

Well done - five inches is excellent! And thanks for the tip on chromium.

Shirley Wells said...

Oh, diets. I have to knuckle down and do something, but yuk, I hate diets.

I can't believe Michelle's lost a whole 5 inches. That's amazing! Congrats, Michelle.

My waist expands with every hour I sit at my desk...

Have a great weekend, Kate!

Lacey Devlin said...

Aren't diets fantastic? Go diets! LOL I couldn't resist. I had to go against the majority ;) I'm a no sugar, no caffeine, no meat, nothing with taste diet girl at the moment. There's probably a scary, health cult out there with my name on it :P

Suzanne Jones said...

I'm afraid that even chocolate I'm not fond of is better than nothing - my large backside doesn't really stand a chance.


Bluestocking Mum said...

I hate nestles too(and spend all my money on books.)

But Galaxy, ohhhh, Galaxy chocolate...

I'm rubbish at diets.