Wednesday, October 20, 2010

something lovely

Current work: Capri medical romance
Listening to: Corelli
Reading: Anita Brookner, Strangers

Am busy busy busy as this book HAS to be off my desk on Friday - I am taking next week off to recharge, come hell or high water (which also means I won’t be blogging next week until at least Friday, because there’s simply too much going on in half term).

So today I’m going to leave you with something lovely. Y’see, my daughter makes me watch the X Factor with her. I have been grumbling a bit… but there was this fantastic song on Saturday. I loved the lyrics (absolutely one for a romance novelist), and I really like the guy’s voice (yes, this is the one I’d like to win – if he doesn’t, I do hope he makes a record. I’d definitely buy it). Not 100% perfect, but it’s live, so you don’t expect it to be the same standard as a multi-take recording. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Oh, and if you’d rather read – here’s an interview with Jacqueline Wilson, my daughter’s favourite author. She sounds a thoroughly nice and sensible woman. (Cough cough cough on kids wanting to be writers because they think it will make them ‘rich and famous’ – rich authors are news because there aren’t many of them! And also, how sad that they’re missing out on the best bit of being an author: telling stories to people, and putting a bit of sparkle into their lives. You can’t buy that feeling.) I think I would enjoy having coffee and eating cake (no, bad Kate, cake is a Banned Substance) with her and talking books.


Michelle Styles said...

And you are amazing just the way you are!
I have every faith that you will get this book done and it will be VINTAGE Kate Hardy.

And yes cake is a banned substance in this house. I just threw out another pair of *fat* pants...

Donna Alward said...

Sigh...cake...banned here too I'm afraid...

But I agree with Michelle!

Have to say though as far as performance - the Bruno Mars version (original) is better. It's a great song. :-)

Shirley Wells said...

My neighbour's granddaughter is a huge JW fan. I agree; she sounds a thoroughly nice woman.

Cake should be banned here too, but it's cold and it keeps raining and, um, I need cake and chocolate to keep me going. Anyway, it was so windy when I took the dogs for a walk yesterday, I struggled to stay upright. You see? I need more weight. Pass the chocolate...

Good look with the book and have a great week off!

Kate Hardy said...

Michelle - you're lovely, too :) And go you on the weight loss!

Donna - thank you, as are you - and that song is just fab.

Shirley - cold here, too, but No Cake Allowed. (You, on the other hand, have to walk up hills, so you NEED cake. Here, on the flattish side, I don't *g*)