Thursday, October 07, 2010

Season of mists...

Current work: Capri medical romance
Listening to: Def Leppard, X
Reading: next on TBR

Gorgeous school run this morning – mist floating everywhere. Didn’t have my camera in my handbag (shame, as I missed taking a sundog) but couldn’t resist snapping these clouds this morning before the school run.

Busy morning: seeing my accountant, then my GP so we can sort out the follow-up scan (nothing scary – something many women in my age group get). Talked to her about the diet, and she approves; I think she approves a bit more of phase 2 than phase 1, but phase 1 is important for me psychologically as I'm seeing the numbers on the scales go DOWN. Phew.

Plans for rest of today: finalise my Powerpoint presentation for tomorrow’s talk, and keep on with the book.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on the last post or emailed me. Much appreciated. And I’m glad to report that I’m doing OK. Deep breath and onward – with determination, if not quite with my usual brio :o)


Lacey Devlin said...

That mist does sound lovely.

I see nothing wrong with phase 1 I'm a big fan of seeing the numbers go down!

I'm so glad you're doing OK. With your fabulous attitude and determination to rival Spartacus it won’t be long until you get your usual brio back :)

liz fenwick said...

Pleased that the numbers are going down...hang in there.


Caroline said...

Hi Kate - glad you are on the up - and the weight is on the down. Caroline x

Jessica Hart said...

Fantastic photo, Kate! I love big skies like this. There's something about them that lifts the spirits and it sounds like you could do with that. Plenty more blue skies for you, I hope, and good luck with diet and everything else.

Jan Jones said...

Keep going, sweetie. You'll get there on all fronts.

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, all - much appreciated xxx