Monday, October 18, 2010

Refilling the well (part 1)

Current work: Capri medical romance
Listening to: Corelli
Reading: Anita Brookner, Strangers

Busy weekend, head down on book. On Sunday, I needed a break, so went for a walk in one of my favourite places. (We’ll skate over Madam’s huge tantrum first, sigh.) We had a wander by the river. This is the last remaining swan pit in England, behind the Great Hospital (where swans were indeed fattened for eating).
I was also rather taken by the reflections and the beginning of autumnal colour.
From there to Cow Tower (not part of the city walls, but was part of the city's defences on the bend in the river - and it was damaged during Kett's Rebellion in 1549.)

From there to Bishop's Bridge, which is the last remaining medieval bridge in the city, and was the only entrance on the eastern side of the city until the 19th century.

Just past the bridge, you get a great view of the cathedral across the playing fields of Norwich School.

And then round the corner you reach Pull's Ferry – named after John Pull, who kept the ferry until 1841. This was also the site of the Water Gate (i.e. the fouth 'gate' to the cathedral) and until the later 1700s a canal ran through here. The canal was used to transport the stone from Caen to build both the cathedral and the castle).

And from there we went to the cathedral - of which more tomorrow.


Shirley Wells said...

What a lovely walk. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pics!

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley - it's a lovely walk, and there are so many beautiful buildings around the Close.