Monday, October 11, 2010

getting back on track

Current work: Capri medical romance
Listening to: Muse
Reading: next on TBR

Friday’s talk was great fun. The kids all seemed really interested and had a huge range of questions. (Plus they were so QUIET when they walked in and sat down – that was really impressive.) They were a bit bemused by one of the writer’s desks I showed them (if you haven't seen it already, Google Will Self’s desk – it’s that plotting wall with all the Post-it notes) but they loved it when I showed them Infinote on the iPad as my, ahem, equivalent. Ha. If I had Post-its on my door or a wall, Kleptodog would mosey past, swishing his tail, and my book would be all over the place!

Am pleased to report that one thing in my life is working as planned at the moment: a week of the South Beach diet has produced definite results (as in one whole point off my BMI and a huge increase in my motivation). I’m still not wildly keen on the veggie juice, but I can live with it. And I’m looking forward to the slow reintroduction of starchy carbs, starting next week. (Porridge and cinnamon for breakfast. Oh, yessie.) I think the reasons why it’s working are (a) it’s new to me so I have to look things up, and that makes me think twice before scoffing starchy carbs (aka toast); and (b) I’m writing down what I eat (online, in a journal that also calculates the nutrition, including vitamins and minerals – and it analyses by meal as well as overall day, which really soothes my nerdy side). Exercise will be added in properly next week.

As for the book… well, on Saturday I woke up with the wrong book in my head (i.e. the next one) and ended up putting down scenes for that instead of the Capri book, but I guess that still counts as progress. It’s getting there.

But if you need a bit of inspiration this morning – go over to YouTube to see Matt and Aliona’s foxtrot from Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday :o)


Lacey Devlin said...

That online journal sounds interesting Kate. I'm glad that the diet is going so well :)

The Will Self's desk is something else!

I'd count putting down scenes for the next book as progress too ;)

Shirley Wells said...

I have the pic of Will Self's office on my computer. It reminds me that my desk isn't "too" bad. And yes, he clearly doesn't have dogs in the office. :)

Glad the diet is going well!

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - it's and it's v good.

Will Self's desk is scary, but proof that authors have messy desks *g*

Shirley - LOL. Absolutely. (Not sure he'd have cats in the office, either. Hamster? Tarantula? Python?)