Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Current work: Capri medical romance
Listening to: Dowland
Reading: Anita Brookner, Strangers (very Prufrockian - very sad and lonely characters)

Up to my eyes in stuff, so keeping this short. I’m learning a new piece on the guitar - Tarleton’s Resurrection by John Dowland. (This version is on the lute.) It’s tricky because the chords are four-noters and it’s all over the place position-wise, so I had to think about it. Loved my lesson yesterday: once I’d worked my way through it, Jim got me to do variations with twiddly bits (ha, channelling my inner Ritchie Blackmore). So at three a.m. this morning I was wide awake, fretting a bit; and instead of a book opening up in my head, what do I get? Yup, late 17th-century music. Wouldn’t have been fair to everyone if I’d sneaked downstairs and played it into my phone or what have you… and sadly, after I finally got back to sleep, it had gone when I woke.

Am pleased to report that Paris tickets are in (I was starting to worry), tumble dryer working for now, and electrics in utility room no longer fried. And I have the RNA ‘Fabulous at Fifty’ lunch to look forward to. (And nice scales again this morning.) So the rest of this month is going to be nice… right?


Lacey Devlin said...

Wow your guitar lessons are really progressing. Those of us without musical talent look on with envy ;).

Thanks so much for my birthday wishes! It's so amazing to have a favorite author wish you happy birthday. I'm a big fan of the internet :)

Kate Hardy said...

LOL, Lacey, my version of it is like a snail's, interspersed by quiet counting of frets to work out the trickier bits, and mutters of 'oh, nuts, I messed that up'.

My pleasure on the birthday wishes, and I hope you had a fab day and were spoiled rotten.