Monday, March 01, 2010

Research day – and happy St David’s Day

Current work: Medical and nonfic
Listening to: Lou Gramm (specifically, Midnight Blue – I loved that. I have a copy of the single on blue vinyl. Kids today, with MP3s, don’t know what they’re missing out on…)
Reading: next on TBR

I took a research day on Friday (hence no post), which I spent in the local heritage library poring over two oversized books. The best bit? The books were printed in 1768. Back then, the paper used is nothing like the pulp stuff used today. It’s such a thrill to be allowed to touch it. And the smell of old books… Some people dislike it, but it’s something I adore. And slightly dusty edges (hmm – wonder when that particular copy was last read, and by whom, and why?).

So I had a lovely nerdy morning – didn’t get quite what I was hoping before because Morant wasn’t interested in the same things that I am (and Blomefield was in Norfolk). But hey. It was a real pleasure just being in the archives. Plus I discovered a couple of other things over the weekend that will be useful for the book, and that’s ticking over nicely. My head’s back to where it should be for the new fiction, so hopefully things will keep going nicely this week.

Have also finalised things for my stepmum’s birthday, including Dad’s present to her; sorted out daughter’s things for her residential trip next week (DH did some of it on Saturday and I took her on Sunday to get a hat – in which she looks exceptionally cute – and some waterproofs); oh, and spent some of my birthday money in Sonkai (have changed my mind about the ‘bead per book’ thing being post-acceptance: am doing it at the start, now).

Plan for today: work, then am skiving off for lunch with a friend. Where I shall be good because the scales were nice this morning. I’m back on track, and the sun is shining; all feels right with my world.

Oh, and as it’s March 1 - happy St David’s Day to those of you in Wales or with Welsh ancestry.


Caroline Storer said...

Having a lovely St David's Day - got the day off from work! Caroline x

Jan Jones said...

Bead per book on acceptance definitely good plan. Especially after the battle you've had with this one!