Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Deep water

Current work: Medical and nonfic
Listening to: Giuliani guitar concerti
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Nasty school run this morning. The road was flooded by the bridge at Taverham. Decided to come home the usual way, on the grounds that the flood might not be as deep as the outward bound road… and then balked when I saw it. (Not helped by the silly young lad on a motorcycle – with L plates – who decided to tailgate me and then, when I was clearly turning in the road (AND had indicated) decided to nip behind me… Luckily the guy behind him in the 4WD was a bit more sensible!) Came home the slightly longer way round and all the fields in Hellesdon had turned into an extension of the river.

Methinks we need a few dry days now. Don’t mind if it’s not as bright and sunny as it is today – just no rain for a bit, please, so the earth can deal with it. (And that includes the snow showers forecast for Friday night on the Met Office website…)

Plan for today: guitar, visit Dad, crack on with book. (The characters are talking. I just need TIME.)

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Jan Jones said...

Ah, yes. Time.

If you find where it's lurking, do let me know.