Wednesday, March 24, 2010

lovely review

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Just realised that, in the excitement of the RNA lunch and my last Essex trip, I forgot to post the lovely review that Marilyn Shoemaker gave to Good Girl or Gold Digger? – and, given that yesterday wasn’t a particularly nice day (vide what I was saying yesterday about long, painful goodbyes – Dad’s had another big slide), forgive me for being a bit self-indulgent and posting it here today.

Like the old saying goes opposites attract. The chemistry between them is magical and they can’t seem to fight it any longer and they have a secret affair. Felix accepts Daisy for who she is, a woman with a passion for her work, a woman who absolutely is not girly, who doesn’t wear dresses or make-up and she in turn adores him fror the man he was as well. However, they both have painful secrets, especially Felix which hold them back. However, Daisy is sure she loves him and is hopeful he will love her in return.

Just when one hopes there is happiness in store for them, everything unravels, they quarrel and part. Time spent apart from Daisy is agony for Felix and then he sees a newspaper article that puts their argument into perspective and goes to her and tries to make it right. Good Girl or Gold Digger was a warm, funny and very sweet romantic read. How the author tied everything together from the heroine’s name to the sweet happy ending, was spectacular.

Thank you, Marilyn.

You can read the full review here.

And RT said it had ‘unique setting, quirky characters and a sweet romance’.

So, here we go. Back to the continuity, and try to put yesterday out of my head – because there’s absolutely nothing I can do to change things. (And that's one of the hardest things to come to terms with, for someone who's good at fixing things.)


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