Thursday, March 18, 2010


Current work: finishing off nonfic and thinking about new M&B
Listening to: Sandy Denny and Rachel Unthank
Reading: Trisha Ashley, Chocolate Wishes (and enjoying thoroughly)

Given that I have been working pretty hard in 2010 (have delivered two M&Bs - one of which was substantially rewritten to the point where I’d say that was almost another book, and am just about to deliver the nonfic), I think a day off might be in order. (Actually, it’s a day off I’ve been planning for ages and has been moved several times, as it’s a birthday lunch. A joint one, so it’s not quite as bad as being five weeks late for mine – it was meant to be midway but I had deadlines.)

And a birthday lunch out means dressing up. Which in turn means that today my fourth day of needed to dress up since Saturday – dinner out with DH and friends, the WI talk, the RNA lunch and now today. My usual scruffy self is a bit shell-shocked by it.

It’s not quite a whole day off. I’m carrying on tidying up the nonfic this morning, and will have an hour’s thinking time each way (we’re meeting at a nice restaurant, midway between us – an ancient coaching inn with a legend about Elizabeth I, so must remember camera – would be a good location for another idea bubbling in the back of my head).

So my head is going to be working on the book I’m about to start (getting to know my characters) and the one after (the stained glass/Venice one that has been in my head for the last year – am currently psyching self up to chat to stained glass restorers, but a friend of a friend may be able to help. Which of course means another lunch out…).

Visitors? I’m leaving you with a pic of one of this spring’s visitors to my garden. There’s actually a pair of them, and I adore the turquoise shimmer to their feathers. Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy – this is a crop from a full-zoom pic taken through glass, i.e. kitchen window to bottom of garden (about 25 metres).

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Caroline Storer said...

Have a great lunch out Kate! You deserve it. I've just finished Trisha Ashley's - Chocolate Wishes and loved it. (Trisha and I meet up at the RNA's Dragon's Chapter every month and Trisha did a great book launch a couple of weeks ago!) Tonight I'm tucking into your latest. Looking forward to a feisty heroine who just happens to be a mechanic - my kind of girl! Caroline x